[FESTIVAL] Japan's largest beer festival Oedo Beer Festival 2015@Tokyo Kanda October 15 (Thu) -October 18 (Sun) -1 Saturday, November 3rd (Tuesday / Holiday) 11 Time -20:00

Japan's largest beer festival “Oedo Beer Festival 2015” will be held in Japan, where you can enjoy more than 200 kinds of beer from all over Japan and around the world!
It seems that there are many craft beers in Japan, not just overseas, so it is a perfect event for drinking. Entrance, please enjoy last year on Instagram. It seems that there are various encounters when you stop by Instagram! There may be a good relationship in the unexpected place :) The event period] October 15, 2015 (Thursday) -October 18 (Sun) -1 Saturday, October 31 (Sat) to November 3 (November 3 ( Tuesday / holiday) 11: 00-22: 00 ( * Started 16:00 on October 15 on the first day)

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Event details

■ Oedo Beer Festival 2015 is a large -scale beer event where you can enjoy more than 200 kinds of craft beer in Japan and abroad in the center of Tokyo, from $ 500. There are about 600 resting spaces with tents, so you can enjoy it safely even in rainy weather.

■ About the venue It will be held at the site of the former Tokyo Denki University School building with a vast land of about 8,000 m2, which is available in 7 stations and has good access, and has about 8,000 m2. ■ More than 200 kinds of beer, Sanctgarren (Kanagawa), Otsuki Sake Store (Belgium), AQ Bevoluti ON (USA), Kobatsu Trading (Germany), Rokko Beer (Hyogo), Nippon Krafuto Beer (Tokyo), Fuji Sakura Kogen Craft beer from all over the country, such as barley (Yamanashi), is opened. ■ About food booths also have many food booths, and you can enjoy a meal that matches various beers. [Hall period] October 15 (Thu) to October 18 (Sun), October 31st (Sat) -An November 3 (Tuesday) 11: 00-22: 00 ( * 10 on the first day Starting 16:00 on the 15th of 15th) [Venue] Tokyo Denki University Former School Building site [Admission] Free [Sponsored] Tokyo Craft Beer Mania Co., Ltd. Such as may be changed. Please contact the venue / organizer in advance. When going out, please see the latest information on the official website.

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