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Among the site operators in charge of email marketing
"When is it more effective to send an email ..."
"What kind of content will affect the recipient ..."
"There are many examples of e -mail marketing, but I'm worried about which one will fit my company ..."
Is there anyone who feels that?

For such a person, today, I would like to introduce the email contents that were actually ranked in the top 10 in 2021 at the e -mail marketing tool KLAVIYO KLAVIYO.

The previous content described on the overview of KLAVIYOcheckdo

> If you use KLAVIYO on the SHOPIFY site, you can automate email sending according to customer behavior on the linked site, but I think it will be an article that can be used in email marketing even if KLAVIYO is not currently used. I hope it will be helpful.

The Top Ten Automation (or Flow) IDEAS OF 2021

KLAVIYOSo"flow"By setting the mail transmission automation, you can communicate smoothly with email subscribers. Automated emails or texts are transmitted as triggers, such as ordering on the site or browsing products on the website.

However, "which automation (hereinafter referred to as" flows) "is the most effective, and many people are wondering which flow to consider the site in charge.
Therefore, this time, we will introduce the 2021 email flow trends in the TOP10 format according to the potential customer customer journey.

Welcome mail

Welcome mail is a flow to welcome new subscribers to brands or sites.

This flow is the best opportunity to convey the characteristics and atmosphere of the brand or site.
It is also possible to advertise your SNS account, other channels and media, and increase future contact with subscribers.

Creating a sign up form is also effective!
By inviting subscribers to special events on the site (sale, first purchase shipping discount, family sale, etc.), you can make the first contact on the site special.
In addition, inviting to these events can increase your willingness to buy.

*What is the sign -up form? [English]

Browser fall

What is a browser drop?
It is a state that visited the site and browsed the product, but did not reach the purchase.

Why don't you provide subscribers a similar experience on online sites so that subscribers enjoy window shopping in the city?

The flow of "browser drop" is Browse ABANDOMENT SUTOMATION You can do it using the function.
Subscribers can receive emails based on items viewed on the website, and senders can manage this message and manage the receiving audience.

It is important to make the message simple.
Customers are already interested in seeing items on the website, so please refrain from giving too much information (for example, how about this product, etc., or a lot of CTA).
We recommend that you browse and attract items that are interesting.

Baggag drop email

What is a basket drop?
After visiting the site, I browsed the product, added a product to the cart, but it has not been purchased.
I say.
In the state of saying so, this ABANDONED CART AUTOMATION Is useful!

The "basket drop" flow is for customers who are considering purchasing a cart for some reason.
You can remind you of the items you have added to the cart.

The timing of transmission depends on the unit price of the product.
The first "basket falling email transmission" timing with a relatively high product unit price is
It is recommended that you send it more time than the one with a low product price.
This is because when purchasing a product with a high unit price, the buyer has a long time to compare or purchase it.

To know more about basket fallingThis articleI also recommend it!

Purchase Thanks Mail

Sunkus email is a flow that is sent after a shopper has completed the purchase.
Thanks to the customer, you can enhance your brand royalties.
As the online shopping is intensifying, thank you for choosing your brand, product, and service, and you can feel the customer's special mood with as much personalized content as possible, leading to the next purchase behavior. can do.

For some audiences"Contents only for text"Is
The reaction may be better than the text and many image -based general -purpose contents.
Let's consider the composition with the content that makes you feel like a letter from an individual.

Product instruction explanation email

Product Instruction Explanation email is the content of how to use the purchased product, how to maintain the product, or how to assemble it.

This can also help reduce customer service inquiries and reduce transfer to other companies' products.
The flow of the "Product Handling Description Email" provides a comfortable experience to shoppers, and the customers who have experienced it are more likely to be repeaters, so it is one of the effective flows to increase repeaters. 。

Product Review Request Email

The flow of the product review is
This is an important opportunity for customers to hear about the use of products.

Let's form a product review so that you send an email after a long time from the purchase!

Cross cell upsel mail

There are many cases where shoppers are overwhelmed by the number of options provided in the online store, and there is no enough time to browse and judge all of them.
In such a case,Cross cells or up -cell flow can help you accurately find what shoppers are looking for.

We will carefully select and introduce some other products and services using the flow of cross -cell upsel!
As for the content, it is better to carefully select main products and best -selling products, or introduce recommended products.
With this flow, you can make proposals based on the purchase history of the user and the purchase history of similar users.

After the user purchases an item, with complementary items and upsels
To send the content to upgrade the item more
We recommend that you set a flow to send emails after the time after purchase.

Re -purchase (replenishment) promotion email

For brands that sell products (eg, water, supplements, etc.) that customers repeatedly buy within a specific periodFlow that promotes re -purchase (replenishment)Let's use.

Send a reminded email just before the product disappears to appeal to customers. For example, if you sell 6 weeks of vitamins, encourage you to re -purchase five weeks later.

If the product is used in terms of the nature of the product, set this flow before the average life.

Restock notification email

If you set the flow of the restock notification email,
You can inform your customers when certain products are restocked.

Since you are a customer who is already intended to purchase, do not miss the opportunity to sell by contacting you so that you can consider purchasing as soon as the items can be sold.

Set the number of inventory required for sales and control the number of emails to be notified to customers after restocking.
For example, if only 10 popular products can be restocked, it is very dangerous to tell 100 customers. In such a case, it can be a chance to feel the royalty for the brand by telling the VIP customer only to the VIP customers.

Birthday or anniversary email on anniversary

First, let's take advantage of the sign -up form and collect information about customers!

Who are you shopping for? What are the most interested collections?
Including more personalized information such as birthdays and names, including.
With this information, communication can be personalized for each customer.

Anniversary email flows can help build personal connections with customers by utilizing information that can be collected in advance.

To connect with a customer with a more personalized stateEC unique and specialIt can be said.

It is unlikely that the person in charge of the actual store will know or remember the birthday of the customer.
You can create special feelings by providing discounts, free shipping, free birthday gifts, and simply celebrating the day at the birthday and anniversary timing.

It is not a date of property information that can only be collected by birthdays or anniversary.
In the anniversary email flow, you can tag users on the first day of purchasing and send an anniversary email.

If you sell baby or maternity equipment, you can set automatic distribution settings according to important days such as the expected date of childbirth.
These ideas are the most appropriate way for your brand!


This time, for those who are trying to start email marketing and those who are worried, I introduced the TOP10 flow contents of 2021 in KLAVIYO in 2021.

These are effective as the first step in the flow setting, but there are infinitely ways to provide customers with appropriate and timely experiences.

Go Ride is good at proposals for flows according to the characteristics of the brands and sites you are in charge of.
What flows are the best? Can you build such a flow? Please consult us!

* This article is "The Top Ten Automation (or Flow) IDEAS OF 2021Is translation and writing.

Please consult Go Ride if you want to attract customers and make repeaters specializing in EC sites.
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