Efficient work! What you can do in cooperation with SHOPIFY and SaaS app


What is SaaS?

What is SaaS?Software as a ServiceIt is an information system that saves data on the cloud. You can access the same application wherever you are. In other words, companies can reduce the cost of hosting applications, and the data can be easily accessed because anyone can connect to the Internet. It is also managed by the SaaS provider, reducing the cost of software upgrades and maintenance.

By linking SHOPIFY and SaaS apps, you can automate the work that has been undergoing human resources and reduce the burden of work. Here are some examples of how you can solve issues with SaaS app and SHOPIFY!

Advantages of using SHOPIFY and SaaS custom app together

SHOPIFY is a powerful e -commerce platform, which helps you to operate and establish an online presence from the launch of a company.By integrating with the SaaS application, it is possible to extend the functions and flexibility of SHOPIFY and automate tasks that have required many human resources. You can easily transfer data between SHOPIFY and other SaaS applications, such as inventory management, customer service, store management, automatic marketing, etc.

1. Reduction of time and effort by facilitating order processing, customer service, between store management, etc.

By integrating SHOPIFY and SaaS applications, transactions can be processed more efficiently. By automating ordering, customer service, and store management, you can save a lot of time and effort.

For example, SHOPIFY can be integrated with the inventory management system, so you can accurately grasp the inventory level and respond quickly to orders. In addition, integrating with the customer service system can quickly and efficiently respond to inquiries from customers.

2. Reduce the hassle and reduce costs

Integrating SHOPIFY and SaaS applications can reduce costs. By automation, you can reduce the manual work required for business processing and save labor costs associated with hiring people to do these tasks. In addition, the integration of SaaS applications such as customer services and store management with SHOPIFY can reduce operational costs.

We have introduced the benefits of using the SaaS app in SHOPIFY. Here are some examples of the SaaS app implemented by us!

Case 1. Inventory collaboration between Japanese major EC platform and SHOPIFY

It is an example of a business operator that is developing an EC business in global, our client.

This business operator uses SHOPIFY for domestic e -commerce, and SHOPIFY is used for overseas ECs. We supported us to solve the tasks that came up in running two platforms in one warehouse.


When operating the EC platform and SHOPIFY in parallel, warehouses were collaborated with each other in parallel. As a result, there was a number of man -hours to manage the stock of each platform separately, and it was not possible to operate smoothly.


Using SaaS, we proposed a method to seamlessly integrate the stock of both platforms and improve warehouse management. We devised and implemented a function to collaborate with SHOPIFY while cooperating with a major Japanese e -commerce platform.

Specifically, using the SHOPIFY API, the data of the stock of the Japanese major EC platform is sent to SHOPIFY about twice a second, and the inventory is automatically updated.

As a result, both online stores have become easy to manage inventory, improving overall business efficiency.

Case 2. Automation of subscription work

This business operator offers the right to use dental equipment in a subscription system for dental clinics. The dental clinic purchases machines at the online store with a subscription plan plan and use machines. The machine records the used materials and operating time, sends the information to the cloud as a statistics every month, and determines the monthly subscription amount by the amount used.


Because it is a claim form that is used only for what is used, it was necessary to have a function that could respond to the subscription amount and claiming process.


As a solution, we have created a custom app that can be automatically calculated based on the amount of dental machine used in the month to calculate the usage fee for the monthly subscription.


The function is a mechanism that incorporates the usage data sent from the cloud to the machine, calculates the price of each machine, and automatically requests customers.


In addition, we have implemented a function that allows customers to contract for customers (3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.) for various periods. Various discount rates can also be set according to the contract period. (Example: 10 % off for a 6 -month contract, 15 % off for one -year contracts, etc.)


With this custom app, you have automated your subscription work and simplify the billing process.

What did you think? As I introducedWe develop and implement SaaS custom apps in cooperation with SHOPIFY.

By mastering the SaaS app, automated order processing, customer service, between store management, etc.Achieving labor and cost reductionscan.

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