[Determined version] What beginners want to be careful about driving a manual car

In recent years, most cars are not manuals, but they have become automatic, and no gear change by stepping on clutches. However, there are still many manual cars in Europe, and there are only manual cars when rental cars! Also on the consecutive holidaysGo RideWhen driving a friend's car or the like with a ride share, etc., there is a sudden situation where you can drive a manual car! ? I got a license as a manual, but I almost only drove automatic, and I think many people have forgotten how to drive a manual car. Here are some things that such a manual beginner wants to remember this.

1. After all, parking

Manual cars do not have P (parking) like automatic cars. For this reason, some people accidentally put them in neutral and leave the car. If the side brake is sweet on a small slope at such a time! ? It's scary just to think, the car falls down the slope and becomes a catastrophe. Even in places that seem to be horizontal, it is often tilted, and if you put it in a neutral and the side brake is sweet, you will easily fall down the slope. In the case of parking, the principle is to put the gear into 1st or R (back). F5DA15CBD8DAF1334DEF253580392312_s

2. First departure

Until then, if you have to get used to it, it is to open the clutch slowly and feel the feeling of conveying the power. If you drive a manual car after a long time, it is easy to step on the accelerator so that you will not stall, but you tend to make a bun bun, but you do not need to increase the number of revolutions so much to depart, so let's calmly calm down and learn the half clutch. 。 19E9979052C3C4A69C70E72253FA6_S You may be worried about this too The ultimate in glamping? Super gorgeous camper car element Palazzo by Marky Mobile Comfortable inner UNIQLO HEATTECH HEATTECH Cospa that can be used in spring and autumn must be a must -buy when you move the strongest. You can save money in a cafe or restaurant with parking services in Shibuya, Aoyama, and Omotesando. Minato Mirai's parking lot 7 HACK technique 7 selections

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