[Culture] Surfer Julian Wilson with an annual income of more than 100 million yen, wears Armani and shoots with his fiancee

Julian Wilson poses with his fiancé Ashley OsbornBURO24/7It seems to be a shooting for online magazines in Australia.
Here is a handsome top surf jurulian Wilson, which has been working on women in the world so far, is here.The Richest as well as BRWAccording to the $ 2.1 Million, it is said to be about 180 million yen.
In Australia, they are known as power couples. Top surfer Julian Wilson and famous model Ashley Osborne
Julian2 Julian4 Julian3
Normally, professional surfer is not allowed when you only go to the media to wear a contracted sponsor, but this time, Julian's sponsor, Hurley is "Armani is not a direct competition". It seems to have done.
You can see how Julian is popular with women by looking at this photo. Women who rush to Julian after surfing of VANS US Open in California
Julian Huntington
Even so, ashely is beautiful. Julian always posts on Instagram and others along with tours around the world.

Thank you @ashley_oh

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The movement is always like a business class with Ashley.
Post on Instagram about this shooting
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The other day, he proposed near the Notre Dame Church in Paris and finally got married. This is like a quick silver in JapanWetsuits that look like suitsI want Julian to wear it. Since the main sponsor is HURLEY, it seems that this is not allowed.

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