[Culture] GO PRO provides a total of about 600 million yen, GO PRO AWARDS started


Until now, Go Pro has been promoting to give content providers award (prize money), but this time this GO Pro Award is a non -regulated program of about 600 million yen in total of $ 500 million, a total new program. 。 Every week Go Pro selects the best content from nine categories. The category is as follows (Action, Travel, Animal, Family, Motor Sports, Adventure, Science, How -to, Music) $ 5000 is the best edit video (edited video), $ 1000 is the best video (not edited. Video) $ 500 will be presented to the best photo (photo). Click here for detailsTHE GOPRO AWARDS It seems that you can easily apply from the web, so why not apply a photo taken at a little moment on the weekend? The total 600 million yen is an event with a different digit. Because it is for general users, you will want to send a little photo and videos. Img_9606 Mexico La Ticla
DCIM101Gopro Costa Rica Tamarind
As I have said in various situations, it is said that Go Pro is not a camera manufacturer, but a content company, that is, a media company. I guess this promotion will further collect content and accelerate the position as a media company.

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.