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What is the SHOPIFY starter plan?

SHOPIFY's starter plan is an easy and easy -to -use plan to launch an online store.

Because it can be easily started, especially those who use SHOPIFY for the first time and the operation of online storesIt is an entry level that is easy to handle for beginners.

This article is for those who want to know the following.

  • I want to know the features of SHOPIFY's starter plan
  • I want to compare the Starter Plan and other plans
  • What are the benefits of the starter plan?

SHOPIFY starter plan functions and features

  1. Creating an online store
  2. Payment processing
  3. Order management
  4. Mobile support
  5. Cooperation with apps
  6. SEO measures
  7. Customer support

  8. Hosting and security

  9. Multiple sales channels

1. Creating an online store

With SHOPIFY starter plan, you can easily create your own online store.

You can create an attractive and easy -to -use website using templates and themes.

In particular, the customization function of the theme is easy to use, and you can edit theme while previewing the page, so you can create an online store with no code.

However, since the functions that are provided differ depending on the theme, we recommend that you ask a supplier called SHOPIFY EXPERT if you want to reflect your own design on the theme.

2. Payment process

You can easily handle the online store.

You can integrate SHOPIFY PAYMENTS and other major payment providers, and accept payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.

3. Order processing

With a starter plan, you can easily manage your order. It is possible to use functions such as ordering, processing, shipping, etc., and you can also check customer information and order history.

In addition, there is a draft order function, and it is useful for use when receiving telephone orders.

4. Mobile support

Every theme has a mobile -friendly design, so you can easily access it from smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is possible to meet the demand for mobile shopping.

5. Cooperation with the app

SHOPIFY has its own app store and supports collaboration with various apps, from free apps to paid apps.

For example, you can use various apps, such as marketing tools, inventory management tools, upsel apps and customer support tools.

You can add the necessary apps according to your business needs.

6. SEO measures

Shopify provides functions and tools for search engine optimization (SEO). You can easily optimize important SEO elements, such as title tags, meta description, and URL settings.

Each page has page titles, discontinuation, and URL handles on each page, such as blogs, articles, collections, product pages, etc., and the settings can be made individually.

7. Customer support

SHOPIFY offers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the support team by email, chat, or telephone.

Recently, it supports chat support in Japanese, so even those who can not speak English or for the first time can use it with confidence.

Japanese chat supportBusiness hours: 10: 00-16: 00 (Japan Standard Time) Monday to Friday

* As of May 2023

8. Hosting and security

Shopify offers a safe hosting environment. We provide SSL certificates to protect customer information and payment information. In addition, management work such as backup and upgrade is also performed.

The strength of SHOPIFY is that the server is not down even if the number of simultaneous connections is several thousands.

9. Multiple sales channels

You can also use not only your online store but also various sales channels.

For example, it is possible to link with Facebook & Instagram shopping and platforms such as Amazon and ebay.

Who is the SHOPIFY starter plan recommended?

  1. New online store owner
  2. Small business owner
  3. Those who want to reduce their budget

1. New online store owner

If you are opening an online store for the first time, a starter plan is the best.

This is because it is easy to use for beginners and does not require specialized knowledge or skills.

2. Small business owner

If you run a small business, a starter plan is suitable. This plan provides basic functions such as product management and ordering, so you can operate business smoothly.

3. People who want to reduce budget

The Shopify Starter Plan is a relatively low price plan than other plans. Ideal for those who want to reduce the budget or those who want to start with a small function at first. You can minimize the cost while providing the necessary functions.

Comparison between Shopify Starter Plan and other plans

The starter plan is a plan that is easy to start, unlike other plans, which are suitable for beginners and small businesses.

Basic plan

Shopify starterIt is a higher -performance plan than a plan. For example, additional functions such as gift cards and professional reports are provided. If your business is expanding or requires additional functions, you can upgrade to the basic plan.

standard plan

Suitable for those who need more advanced functions. For example, it is possible to customize the report and cooperate with various sales channels. In addition, it can respond to more complex business needs, such as calculating shipping and integration with external POS systems.

Premium plan

Ideal for those who want scalable business and large -scale sales. This plan provides further advanced features, such as advanced reports, sales channels control, and automated review processes.

Merit of SHOPIFY starter plan

Anyway, it is ease of use and cost efficiency.

Even the first person can easily build an online store and manage products and payments. In addition, since it is a low -priced plan, you can start a business while keeping your budget down.

in conclusion

To summarize the charm of the SHOPIFY starter plan, it is an online store construction plan that is easy to use and costly for beginners. Perfect for startups and small businesses, and can be upgraded to other plans according to future growth. SHOPIFY's customer support is also substantial, so even the first person can use it with confidence.

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