Co-working x Beach Life! Office where work and sea are integrated

Source: The INERTIA Outsite Outsite Is a co-working office & guest house where the beach created by entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads to create creative work. It's great just to imagine the beach as co-working in front of you. We also operate other beach outdoor and programs.STARTUP SURF BUSWe also plan and operate a tour that works in San Francisco's startups from science fiction to CO-WORKING of Santa Cruz Outsite. 4_leo-works-in-wetsuit Leo Widrich, the founder of the social media startup "Buffer", seems to have enjoyed surfing every day while working for a month at Outsite. The environment where you can work in a wet suit is the best. Productivity is likely to rise. The typical day at Outsite starts with a fresh coffee in the morning and a walk overlooking the cliffs, surfing and cycling during the lunch break, finishing work in the evening, and BBQ in one hand at night. , As long as it is enviable. 6_surfing-at-santa cruz In the evening, this sunset seems to be kind to tired eyes because of the monitor too much. Unplugged Sunset It seems that networking is easy to do because it is posted on the blackboard in the guest house to see who is staying as a guest. It seems that many people in Waze are coming. Processed with vscocam with J3 preset It is an OUTSITE accommodation and office beachfront of San Diego like popular drama TERRACE HOUSE. SAN DIEGO TERRACE HOUSE The room is beautiful and wide Room outsite Kitchen Outsite It seems that everyone can cook the kitchen together. There is also a room for surfboards and wet suits, so it is completely exhausted. Currently in SAN DIEGO and Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe and Hawaii are under construction, and one day from Japan, some companies use Outsite facilities at company camps. SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-25 at 2.31.00 PM Outsite's HP is also cool. Get Away. Get Focused I like this phrase. SCREEN SHOT 2015-09-25 at 2.40.34 PM When I was doing surfing around the world, I sometimes met the company while staying at the surf camp or who worked as a web engineer. If offices like OUTSITE can be beaches around the world, dual -style people who work while surfing the world will increase more than ever. I'm looking forward to the CO WORKING SPACE.

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