[Car Life] "Air Tricer" Suzuki becomes a lounge during parking

Source: Pen ride
Suzuki is planning to exhibit the world's first exhibition at the Tokyo Motor Show with a compact minivan "Air Triser", and has a wide room and seat arrangements with a "private lounge" with a body size that is easy to handle. feature.
Open door
During parking, you can arrange a relaxing mode in which a seat is placed in face -to -face or a U -shaped lounge mode. You can play videos of smartphones on a large screen display connected from the B pillar to the ceiling.
Looking at the photo at a glance, I thought it was very good. Recently, it is a camping car boom, but the road situation in Japan is quite severe. The price is high, and it seems to be difficult to find a parking lot. In this case, it seems to be fun because it is easy to handle and it seems to be fun, and you can enjoy it in the car. Wouldn't it be nice for a nomad worker as a mobile office?
It is vibrant that you can do a face -to -face type, including driving seats. It seems to be liked by outdoor enthusiasts.

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