California Seaside Street with surf taste SHOP gathered

Ralaport Hiratsuka has reached the grand opening, but as shown in the photo, there are multiple stores on the theme of surfs, such as LAZY BOY SKILLS, VOLCOM, and QuickSilver. I became a demon of work and went immediately.(I caught a cold and couldn't go to the sea, so I just went to kill time) img_2015 As you can see, the shop is solidified in one place on the second floor and is very convenient. There is no need to walk around in vain. The entrance is like this, and there are multiple shops in the open space very large. img_2007 img_2010 img_2011 Basically, everything was an apparel shop, and I thought Port of Call was a cafe, so it was an apparel shop. One California Coast is perfect for checking HURLEY items I personally forgot to take a picture, but I was very worried about the sweat denim. California-coast There was also a little shop of action sports brands other than Season Street. With ocley img_2014 Domestic manufacturer? Bay Flow, who has collaborated with UGG and appears with shoes, was just opposite Seaside Street on the second floor. img_2003 I was a little worried about this. Impression that the lineup is similar to Ron Harman's product img_2001 That's why it's a transcendental rough, but if you come here, it is convenient for those living in Shonan because it seems that surf -taste fashion items can be put together. In addition, it is also convenient and good for coming with a family.

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