BRUCE IRON Blues Iron Dropped on a pipeline -like style like Andy Iron

This season has come again this year, and it's the season when the swell has arrived at the North Shore.
A few days ago, the BRUCE IRON blues iron made a Superwave explosion doset (BOMB) from the peak and pass through the backside barrel completely from the deep bottoms.
Just the most difficult riding! It seems that this figure was like his deceased brother Andy Iron on the net.
It certainly reminds you of Andy IRON's surfing.
Bruce IRONS Standing Tall on a Gigantic Bomb at Pipeline a Few Days Ago. THERE'S SO MUCH OF HIS OLDER Brothers In His Approach That, for A Brief Moment (CREDIT: CHRIS PAPALEO SALTY BEARDS. ) Posted by THE INERTIA On Friday, November 20, 2015

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