Book Handbook cover EC site construction case [PR]

We have built IQ Select's EC site (Rakuten).

The site isHere From photography to site construction, we all produced at our go -ride.

Popular notebook series Jibun Notebook for more than a year with leather craftsmen's dedicated leather case

that name as wellFlat

As the name suggests, the right side of the notebook case is flat, and you can write without unevenness to the end.

It falls apart like this and can be freely combined. Convenient because you can stab two pens again!

I wrote it myself, but it was quite convenient to be able to write a notebook to the last page.
The last part of the last half is hard to use.

It was a very popular item that could be requested by photographers who were photographed with items that could enjoy aging as they were used in the skin that fits in their hands.

Although it is a slightly high -priced notebook of 12,800 yen, I think that it is a delicious notebook cover twice with one grain that has both design and functionality.

I tried using it, but it feels like it comes to my hand and it's easy to carry.

I live without using paper, but there are times when there is no white board when I do prototyping workshops, so in such a case, it is good to put it directly to my notebook. Click here for the shop

One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.