Body Glove, acquired by UK apparel companies

Body Glove, which was founded in 1953 and led the American wetsuit scene, was acquired by a British lifestyle brand. Included companyMARQUEE BRAND webIs listed on the BODY GLOVE logo. In addition to the body gloves, MARQUEE BRAND has a brand called Ben Sherman and Brunomagli. I like the Body Glove video of this Tatiana Weston-Webb (Tatian Weston Web). The acquisition amount is private, but despite the acquisition, the founding family, MeiStrell Family, maintains the majority of shares, so the management policy may not change so much. Body Glove, which has first developed a practical wetsuit in Southern California, surfing and diving scenes. This name is also derived from the development of a wet suit that fits like a glove. I'm looking forward to what kind of evolution the body grabs will show in the future.

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