Be careful if you advance to Europe! Let's know about the EU's unique personal information protection law (GDPR)

by Toyo Hirashima

What is GDPR?

It was enforced in May 2018 as an abbreviation of (General Data Protection Regulation) as a law that stipulates personal information protection within the EU.

Penalties are imposed in cases of violations of up to 10 million euros or up to 2% of the annual sales of the previous fiscal year (one of the most common). GDPR EU

There is CCPA in the United States as a similar legal regulation. An article about CCPAHere

1. GDPR compatible range in SHOPIFY


With data administrator (Data Processor)
Operator (Data Controller)

There are two perspectives,
Here is that SHOPIFY basically meets this requirement as a data administrator (Data Processor).Data Processing Attendum I mentioned.

in particular

For GDPR target data in the EU area, SHPOIFY's Irish affiliated company Shopify International LTD is processed, and personal information may be transferred to US and Canada as part of the service, but it is basically based on the Data Protection Legization. It is described that the processing is processed in the form.

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2. Is KLAVIYO compatible with GDPR?

Klaviyo is also described in this way, and it is a GDPR compiliant as a data administrator, but this article should be considered in terms of operation.
How to Comfort with Data Privacy Laws

In terms of operation as

Clears a checkbox for the consent of personal information acquisition in advance

Flow that is a gray zone like GDPR

Falling basket

Browser drop

It is recommended to remove the customer living in the EU area from the target.

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3. Understand the two differences and properly manage and operate system

In this way, it is required to take measures and operations for GDPR from the two perspectives of data management and operation aspects.

It seems that various measures will be required in the future, such as e -commerce and personal information, and cross -border ECs for Europe and the United States in the future.

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