Advantages of introducing Amazon Pay to SHOPIFY: Reliability and convenience to improve customer experiences and increase sales

by Chie Suzuki

The success of the online shop is an indispensable factor in improving the convenience and reliability of the user. SHOPIFY is a popular platform for many e -commerce operators and offers a variety of options to improve customer experiences. One of the most notable among them is the introduction of Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay is a payment option that allows you to use Amazon's account information seamlessly. With this combination, customers provide a quick purchase experience without any hassle, and at the same time, businesses can respond to global users. This time, I will focus on the benefits of introducing Amazon Pay to SHOPIFY and explain the specific effects!

1. Improvement of customer convenience

You want to make a payment especially smoothly and efficiently when shopping at online shopping. With the introduction of Amazon Pay, customers can save the trouble of creating a new account by reusing Amazon's account information. This reduces the troublesome input work of the user, making it possible to check out with one click. Since customers can purchase more easily, it can be expected to increase the motivation to purchase and reduce the withdrawal rate from the cart.

2. Corresponding to global users

Amazon is widely used around the world, so it is possible to respond to customers from overseas by introducing AmazonPay. When SHOPIFY stores enter the global market, you do not need to introduce new payment methods, reducing the effort and cost of introduction. Especially in areas where Amazon is strong, such as the United States, providing smooth payment options will increase customer willingness to buy and aim to expand sales across borders.

3. Reliability and security

Amazon Pay is an important factor that conforms to Amazon's security standards and enhances customer reliability and safety. By sharing your personal information with Amazon, you can feel that you are protected by existing security measures. This can increase customer privacy and reduce resistance to purchasing behavior.

4. Mobile support

Mobile shopping is growing rapidly, and customers want to buy products from smartphones and tablets. Amazon Pay is also available on mobile devices, so you can enhance your mobile shopping. A smooth mobile experience is effective in increasing customer satisfaction and stimulating the willingness to purchase.


There is little time to introduce Amazon Pay, but it is attractive that you can greatly expect the effects after the introduction.

 By introducing Amazon Pay to SHOPIFY, you can improve customer convenience and reliability and respond to global users. A simple check -out experience of customers leads to a decrease in the withdrawal rate from the cart and the increase in repeat purchases.

In addition, compliance with Amazon's security standards will increase customer reliability and increase privacy.

In addition, mobile support is enhanced, and by responding to modern users' needs, you can support the growth of mobile shopping!



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