A comfortable inner that can be used in spring and autumn "UNIQLO HEATTECH Polar Warm"

UNIQLO's extremely warm commercial video you know I think many people think that this is something to wear in winter. However, in the spring, the temperature difference is still large and the inner is warm, so it is very convenient because you can combine a thin cardigan or knit to the one on top. Of course, it is perfect for exercise and travel, so you can wash it using it. I tried two V -neck warm with 9 minutes sleeve this time. It is easy to use as an inner with black and gray. Img_0809Img_0810

Heat retention

First of all, the heat retention, surfing, snowboarding, and HEATTECH have been used a lot as a room wear, but the warmth is certainly different. I can't do it by numerical values, but I feel like it's really 1.5 times warmer. I feel that the fit is better than the previous HEATTECH, and the wind is not coming in. And the stretching is getting better, so I don't get tired at all. Img_0812 The warm fit is good because it is thin over the wrist.


Because it is 9 minutes length, you can wear it smartly without protruding from the collar. In addition, if it is a V -neck, the inner fits neatly even when combined with the spring sweater of the round neck or a thin cardigan. One piece is warm enough, so it is easy to use because it is useful for preventing blisters in winter. Img_0820 Img_0816 Img_0817 Even if it is combined with the sweater of the round neck, it is a V -neck, so you can wear it neatly.


After all, this is a great deal, but the regular price is 1700 yen, but when I purchased it at UNIQLO sale, I think it was about 1000 yen.

Quick -drying

I don't think it's just a quick -drying site on UNIQLO sites, but it dries out even if washed is faster than other clothing. So even in winter, if you dry it in a house with an air conditioner, it will dry in about an hour. When traveling on a long distance, this kind of stretch is effective and if there is one warm inner, it is easy to combine anything, so it is the best use. Click here for easy easy jeans when travelingJersey & Stretch Jeans Thorough comparison is the strongest jersey and the most comfortable comfort? If you want to travel a long distance and enjoy the movement happily, it is convenient to shareGo RidePlease share with you. MADOKA BUS3

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