A boy who learned surfing in argum bay after being damaged by the tsunami in Sri Lanka

My name is sagit As many as 30,000 people died in the tsunami that hit Sri Lanka in 2004. After the tsunami damage occurred, the Surf Club of Argum Bay has taught children about swimming. In fact, in Sri Lanka, almost people who live by the sea can hardly swim, and because many people have died because they can't swim, they opened a swimming class in the local surf club. In it, Sagit learned surfing and always chased the waves. There are no large waves or barels, but the sagit that enjoys surfing at ease in Sri Lanka's relaxed atmosphere is impressive. Just watching the video, you can imagine that this board would have been received from a tourist surfer. By the way, in Sri Lanka, the main surf season is Argum Bay in summer and Hikkadua in winter. It is best to be able to surf with good waves with board shorts all year round, Sri Lanka, which is popular with Japanese people. LIFE Is Better in Boardshorts! Related articleI want you to go once LIFE IS BETTER IN BOARDSHORTS

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