4 successful brands that succeeded in SNS strategy! Strategy secrets


In recent years, social media has become an important marketing channel for apparel brands. This time, we will introduce some brands that have succeeded in SNS strategies, and explain in detail why they developed and succeeded.

As an example of successful brands, we will focus on Glossier, Levi's, Reformation, and Everything5pounds!

1. Glossier

Glossier uses mainly Instagram and advertises products through beautiful photos and videos. In addition to stories and feed posts, we also actively adopt user -generated content. We also emphasize communication with customers on SNS, and responds to comments and questions from followers.

One of the factors that succeeds in Glossier is a strong connection with customers. Through SNS, we emphasized dialogue with customers and actively incorporated opinions and feedback on products and brands. Through beautiful content and influencer marketing, followers were attracted.

2. Levi's

Levi's sends a lot of fashion trends and styling ideas on SNS platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. They posted photos and videos of styling using their own products and encouraged them to dialogue with followers. In addition, influencer marketing and collaboration have been actively used.

The fact that he contributed to the facts of success was that he has established sympathy with brand identity and followers, like Glossier. They not only introduced the charms of their products on SNS, but also provided trends and styling ideas, attracting their followers. In addition, influencer marketing has achieved a brand exposure from a broader perspective.

3. Reformation


Reformation used Instagram as a major SNS platform to convey eco -friendly products and brand messages. They appealed for sustainable fashion value through beautiful photos and videos, and held contests and campaigns to increase their involvement with followers.

REFORMATION makes good use of the sustainable and fashion combinations that are currently becoming trends. They have led the sustainable fashion trends on SNS and stimulated demand for eco -friendly products. In addition, we have encouraged followers to participate through contests and campaigns, and enhanced engagement with the brand.

4. Everything5pounds

Everything5pounds mainly used Facebook and Instagram to develop advertising strategies. They attracted attention by providing low -priced fashion items and actively developed ads on SNS. In addition, we also conducted contests and campaigns using user -generated content.

Everything5pounds is particularly focusing on low -priced and SNS advertising combinations. They accessed a wide range of audiences by actively developing ads on SNS. In addition, through user -generated content and contests, we have promoted involvement with customers and gained the attention of the brand.


These successful apparel brand SNS strategies have some commonalities. First, it is important to provide attractive content. Through beautiful photos and videos, we brought in the interests of followers by conveying the charms of products and brands.

Furthermore, what these four brands have in common is that they emphasize dialogue and involvement with customers. We have built a trusting relationship through communication with customers, such as comments, reply to questions, and utilization of user generation content. The use of influencer marketing and providing content that supports trends is also a factor in success.

Introduced the case of an apparel brand that succeeded in the SNS strategy. You've found out that it is important to use a variety of strategies, such as communication with customers, providing attractive content, and utilizing influencer marketing. These elements are common, which leads to improvements in brand awareness and customer royalty. In order for apparel brands to succeed in SNS strategies, it is very important to understand customer needs and provide attractive brand experience through appropriate content and communication.

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