-20 degrees! The lake is also frozen, with plenty of photos of Chicago, which is frozen!


Windy City Chicago

Hello. I'm MITSUAKI, a designer living in Chicago. Chicago in the Midwest of the United States is almost the same as Hakodate City in Hokkaido. Winter is a frigid place that can be -20 degrees.When it becomes heavy snow, it becomes difficult to go out, and the wind is strong and is also called "Windy City". What kind of atmosphere is such Chicago in the middle of winter?

Plenty of photos regardless of SHOPIFY or marketingI will explain!

Chicago midwinter frozen lake

Can you see it on the clouds? This isIt is Lake Michigan. When a lot of snow falls, the lake freezes, making it a fantastic snow scene like this.The building that looks small in the middleWater CribsThis is a facility that provides drinking water to Chicago.

Lake Michigan in spring and Lake Michigan in winter

On the left is Lake Michigan in summer. On the right is Lake Michigan in winter. In the summer, it is crowded with people eating rice in the lake, picnics, and running, but in winter, there are few people.

Tree of frozen Michigan

The trees are like this.

Chicago snowy road

The city is heavy snowfall like this. On the road, a snowplow removes snow, but there are many places where the sidewalk has not been removed.

Snow piled up on the car

If you park a car for a few days, it will accumulate like this. 。 When it comes to heavy snowfall, you will see many cars that can not move or move.

Chicago frozen road surface

Slip attention! Even if it is not snowing, the road may be frozen and smooth when the temperature drops.

By the way, if a pedestrian falls, he may be responsible for not removing the snow, and may be sued.As expected, the Litigation Daimyo America ...
If the management company is a solid apartment, not only snow removal but also freezing agents (calcium chloride) are scattered.

Chicago Japanese garden

Chicago is called The Garden of the PhoenixJapanese gardenthere is. When it comes to snow, you can see a garden with a different atmosphere from summer.

Chicago climate recommended 4 selections!

Did you want to go to Chicago? In winter, Chicago doesn't enjoy outdoor leisure, but you can see the scenery that you can hardly see in Japan.

Therefore, we will introduce four recommended goods to survive the Chicago winter!

Down jacket

Everlane down jacket

Down jackets sold in the United States are often very warm because they are often made so that they can respond to extreme cold.

The winter jacket I bought in Japan did not stand in the United States!EverlaneThe down jacket is recommended because it is warm and affordable.



Waterproof boots are essential to survive the Chicago in midwinter. It would be nice to have at least a boots that cover the ankle. Popular in JapanTHE NORTH FACEThe boots are very popular in the United States, and many people wear them.

Knit hat

CrownCap knit hat

When the temperature reaches -20 degrees, your ears will hurt very much. It would be nice if you had an ear pip, but there are many people wearing a knit hat because it is bulky. Canadian long -established hat brandCrowncapRecommended because many kinds of hats such as not only knit hats but also ears with ears are sold!



In the United States, the mask is quite a minority, but Chicago seems to have a slightly higher mask rate in winter. Probably because it's warm to protect your face🙌


It has become a breathtaking article that has nothing to do with SHOPIFY, EC site, digital marketing, etc., but I am glad if the winter atmosphere of Chicago in the U.S. cold area is a little!




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