LINE公式アカウント運用代行サービス GO RIDEは”チャットブースト”の認定のパートナーです。LINE公式アカウント運用代行サービス GO RIDEは”チャットブースト”の認定のパートナーです。

LINE Official Account Management Service

Maximize the effectiveness of your LINE Official Account with Shopify!

GO RIDE is a certified Silver Partner of "Chat Boost"!

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Do you have any of the following problems with your LINE Official Account on your Shopify site?


We don't have the resources to create LINE message content.


I want to automate the most common inquiries.


The number of people registering for my official LINE account is not increasing!


We don't know what to do with our LINE messages

GO RIDE's official LINE account management will solve all of these problems!

Three reasons why we recommend GO RIDE's Official LINE account management

One-stop service from email planning to design and distribution

Our marketers plan effective LINE messages, analyze their effectiveness, and implement measures for improvement, while our designers take care of the design and production of the LINE messages. Our one-stop service is designed to maximize effectiveness by having a team that combines the strengths of each party.

Complete support for the initial setup!

During the initial setup, we will support you in creating a rich menu that allows customers to move to the necessary pages when they register as LINE friends they can effective use of their LINE account, as well as setting up auto-response messages that automatically reply to frequently asked questions.

Proposals based on our experience

In addition to the know-how accumulated through past LINE operations, GO RIDE has partnered with Chat Boost to provide effective proposals based on successful case studies.

What is Chat Boost?

Chat Boost is an "official LINE account automation tool" that is linked to Shopify and extends the functionality of official LINE accounts. It allows you to automate customer service and effectively implement marketing measures that lead to sales.

友達追加した顧客に対してLINEを通じた 個別のアプローチが可能
Customers who have been added as friends can be approached individually via LINE.

By linking with Shopify, it is possible to segment customer information and send messages tailored to each customer. By providing the desired information to each customer, you can provide them with the information they need to consider making a purchase.

Payment and shipping notification function

Messages can be sent via LINE when payment has been made for a purchase or when a shipment has been made. A better purchase experience can be provided by having a function that allows customers to easily check the status of their purchases.

Restock Notification

When an out-of-stock item is restocked, a notification message can be automatically sent to users who have been notified in advance of the restocking. Prevent lost opportunities by following up with customers who were unable to purchase the product due to out of stock.

LINE account production and operation service Work Contents

Account opening
Scenario mail building
Email sending
Initial setup
Banner image design/production
Monthly reporting and regular reporting meetings

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LINE公式アカウント 運用開始までの流れ

01 paper
  • ヒアリング
  • ご用件整理・目標設定
  • 無料お見積もり
02 gear
  • 施策提案
  • 施策実行
03 check
  • 効果測定
  • 成果ご報告
04 light
  • 改善施策提案
  • 施策実行

Official LINE Account Construction and Operation Fees

Shopify integration - initial setupプ

From $3,000 / 1 time

  • Account opening
  • Shopify integration
  • Auto-responder message setup
  • Rich menu setup, etc

Sending 4 emails per month

From $2,000 /month

  • Planning of 4 emails per month
  • Design, production and implementation
  • Report submission
  • Monthly report

Sending 6 messages per month

From $3,300 /month

  • 6 message project per month
  • Writing and implementation
  • Banner image creation
  • Report submission
  • Monthly report

Sending 8 messages per month

From $3,500 yen/month

  • 8 message project per month
  • Writing and implementation
  • Banner image creation
  • Report submission
  • Monthly report

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes. Please feel free to ask us about tools other than Chat Boost.

A. It depends on the number of registered friends and the merchandise, but we recommend 4 or more per month.

A. No charge. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your situation.

A. Yes, we can take pictures. Please feel free to contact us.

A. Yes, it is possible. We will provide guidance after hearing the details.