Twitter has announced cooperation with SHOPIFY


Twitter has announced cooperation with SHOPIFY

On June 22, 2022, Twitter, a social networking service "Twitter", announced a new cooperation with the SHOPIFY service to build an e -commerce site.

reference:Tech Crunch

What can we do in collaboration?

By collaboration between Twitter and Shopify,
SHOPIFY All merchantes in the United States will be able to post and purchase products on the Twitter professional profile, transition and purchase on the SHOPIFY product page.

In the second quarter of 2022, the number of daily active users in the United States is a daily SNS, which is used on a daily basis, reaching 14.5 million, and can accelerate e -commerce marketing in cooperation with SHOPIFY.


Twitter Logo

TwitterIs used by a wide range of generations as a social network that can share the latest news and trend information.

In addition to "tweeting" text, images, and videos,On Twitteronline storeI am also focusing on.

In 2021, Twitter is in the profile columnDisplay up to 50 productsAnd you can purchase it directly"Twitter shop"The beta version has been released.

And this year in 2022, in cooperation with SHOPIFY,

Twitter launched a sales channel app, all merchant in SHOPIFY posted products on Twitter's profile profile and tap each product.You can transition to the SHOPIFY product page and purchaseIt will be.

New functions by collaboration

The following two functions have been added.

  • Product Drops (Product Drop Function)
  • Mobile StoreFronts

Product Drops (Product Drop Function)

Product Drops (Product Drop function) allows you to create a special tweet that introduces products using both text and images.

As usual, the seller can create a tweet for promotion as usual and add product photos, but can also emphasize when the product will be available.

The user who clicked on the tweet moves to the product details page

You can get the information required for the purchase decision, such as product description, price, and photos.

You can also see the comments of other people about the product by clicking the hashtag.

On the day of the release date, the user who has set the reminder of the Product Drop will receive an in -app notification 15 minutes before the drop and when dropping.

Mobile StoreFronts

Can be purchased directly on Twitter in the United States in 2021"Twitter shop"The beta version has been released, and with this new function, sellersCreate up to 50 product collectionsAnd you can now introduce it on Twitter profile.

The first mobile function is available for free, and the purpose is to not only talk about products on the Twitter platform, but also to actually tap the product to browse and check out products. I am.

In addition, Twitter can set up a "Twitter shop"Shopping function "Shop Spotlight"The beta version has been released.

Shop Spotlight allows you to create a path from tweets and profiles to the discovery of topical products on Twitter to the actual purchase, and accelerate e -commerce marketing.

It is possible to synchronize the product inventory

By coordination between Twitter and SHOPIFY, the seller can use the new features mentioned above to synchronize the product catalog and inventory from SHOPIFY to Twitter.

In the past, it was necessary to manually enter the product catalog on the Twitter platform, but it can be expected to save a lot of time and effort due to synchronization.

Once the stock is synchronized, the store will be able to use the Twitter Shops and Shop Spotlight functions to discover and purchase products on social media.

These transactions will be conducted on our own website.


In this article, we mentioned that Twitter has expanded the potential of e -commerce in cooperation with SHOPIFY.

Twitter users are talking about brands and products on the app, so businesses can increase sales channels by selling products on Twitter, and customers can experience more E -commerce experiences by customers.

If you are already using SHOPIFY in the United States, why not introduce it?


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