Thorough comparison of SHOPIFY receipt application! Compatible with invoices and delivery notes

by Sasuga Tsutsumi

Credit card payments, which are common in ECs, are not required to issue a receipt, but some businesses may want to add issuance functions according to the needs of the user. Furthermore, if it is for BTOB, it would be convenient if you could issue delivery notes and invoices at Shopify.

SHOPIFY allows you to add a function that allows you to issue a receipt, a delivery note, and an invoice. The features vary depending on the app, and the selection changes depending on what you value. Have you ever wondered which one is right for you? This time, in order to solve such troubles, we will compare our recommended apps and introduce them in detail, especially how to use the apps we recommend.

Is it necessary to issue documents in EC management?

The blind spot in EC management is the presence or absence of documents issued. The rules are different between actual stores and online shops, and I think many businesses are confused about what is needed. If not properly managed, you will lose your credit and have a major impact on the operation.


In the first place, let's see if you need a receipt, delivery note, and invoice.

1. receipt

When making a credit card payment on an EC site, there is no obligation to issue a receipt because there is no direct exchange between businesses and customers.

However, there are many cases where customers are required to receive a receipt. In that case, you must specify that the payment was made in a credit card payment.


2. delivery slip

A delivery note is a document given to a business partner when delivering a product, and there is no legal obligation. However, there are many cases where business owners and corporations are purchased.


3. invoice

There is no legal obligation to notify the payment to the delivered product. SHOPIFY allows you to send an email to notify you, but in many cases you are required to issue it like a delivery note.

3 recommended form output apps for SHOPIFY

There are three apps that we recommend when issuing receipts and delivery documents.

Order Printer

Order Printer Pro

Quick Order Printer Easy form output

Each has a different characteristics, but it is easily summarized in a table format.

  Order Printer

Order Printer


Quiick Order Printer
Amount of money free $ 10/month $ 9/month


* Purchase can be purchased


* Purchase can be purchased

Customization Code editing Code editing

Text only


Collective printing

* There is a limit

Customer output ×
Japanese support × ×
barcode × ×

In conclusion, we recommend "Order Printer Pro" if you are particular about the design, and "Quick Order Printer" if you want to receive Japanese specification temples and safe support.

Let's take a closer look at the features of each app.

Order Printer

Reference: https: // Local = ja

It is a SHOPIFY official application, so you can use it with confidence. And because it is free, you can easily introduce it.

Basic form outputs such as invoices and statements are possible from the order management screen, and the template of the form is included by default. It is possible to edit or create a template or create a new one, but you need HTML and Liquid code editing, so you need specialized knowledge. Since the layout can be changed and the logo can be inserted by code editing, a form that reflects its own design and brand image can be output. Since 15 types of templates can be stored, they can be used properly according to the application.

Good news for you who have no knowledge of code but think that the default template is unsatisfactory! You can buy a template with excellent design and functionality! It costs $ 29 for each template, but it is a purchase. In addition, 50 % discount will be applied for additional purchases.

Click here to purchase a template:Order Printer Templates

In addition, you can print invoices and receipts together, so you can work efficiently.

The disadvantage is that it does not support Japanese support and that customers cannot output on My Page. Without the request here, it can be said that it is a convenient function that you can start for free for free.

Shopify Official App:Order Printer

Order Printer Pro

Reference: https: // Locale = ja

It is an application that can be used by paying $ 10/month to "Order Printer" introduced above.

This app will be able to download the form from email or My Page for customers who could not do with "Order Printe".

In addition, since it is possible to add download links for each form, such as delivery documents and receipts, PDF can be downloaded from the notification email.

Support is English, but it has a very reputation for reply speed and response, so you can consult with confidence even if there is any problem.

ORDER PRINTER top app:Order Printer Pro

Quick Order Printer Easy form output

Reference: https: // Local = ja

This app can also output forms such as receivables, delivery documents, and invoices. As with "Order Printer Pro", the customer can be output by the customer himself. In fact, this app is developed by a Japanese company, so you can receive support in Japanese. In addition, it is a nice app for Japanese business operators because it also serves templates and invoice systems according to the Japanese style.

About the functions and usage of "Quick Order Printer Easy Book Output", which has a high track record of introduction.This articleI explain in detail.

Let's implement a function that suits the store

This time, I explained the features and functions of the SHOPIFY receipt application. What is easy for Japanese businesses is ""Quick Order PrinterIs an app. If you are particular about design and layout, ""Order Printer ProIt seems better to select ".

Go Ride Co., Ltd. can build a SHOPIFY site in accordance with the needs of businesses based on staff who can handle English and the implementation experience of abundant apps. If you are a little worried about the construction of SHOPIFY, feel free toHerePlease contact us.

Until the end Thank you for reading!

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