Thorough comparison of jersey & jog jeans & stretch jeans!

It's getting colder in the morning and evening, and it's the season when jeans are active. I'm grateful for the easy jeans, regardless of "Raku Jeans", which has been overheated in the EDWIN jersey commercials recently.
A new genre of jeans that focus on the relaxing comfort of "jersey jersey, jersey jersey" is developed for men, ladies and kids. It can be used for a wide range of coordination, from room wear to daily wear.
Celebrities also love SCREEN SHOT 2015-10-05 at 8.58.34 PM It seems that Eriko Nakamura, who lives in Paris, also loves. SCREEN SHOT 2015-10-05 at 8.44.55 PM It seems that he has been instructed from a wide range of ages. jerseys_detail Yoga is so stretched that you can do it.

The beginning of Raku Jeans

I think it's the first time that diesel (diesel) is a jeans that can be used for jogg jeans jogging. After that, other jeans manufacturers also released Raku Jeans like jersey one after another.


Now, I would like to compare my four easy jeans (stretch jeans), including cospa. From left EDWIN jerseys, UNIQLO stretch jeans (skinny), DIESEL Jog jeans, HURLEY knit? Raku Jeans Img_0146
In conclusion, jerseys are great for comprehensive evaluation including cospa. Of course, DIESEL's Joggeans is all the best color, shape, and comfort, but the price is too different. If it is so expensive, it is the best and natural.

Edwin jerseys

Img_0151Img_0152 Price: 6500 yen jerseys were purchased on the outlet, but it was 6500 yen. I can't imagine this quality jeans at this price. I want to wear a long -distance flight at all, and I'm not tired at all. I dared to say that jersey jeans are a little long, and I thought it would be nice to have more shapes.

UNIQLO Stretch Jeans

Img_0153 Price: 2900 yen The price is 2900 yen, so it is still reasonable. The stretching is well, but I think the thighs are too thin. It was comfortable as it was, but I didn't want to wear it on a long -distance flight. I wanted to do my best to adjust the size a little more.

DIESEL Jog Jeans Tepphar

Img_0154 Price: It is good to have no complaints for about 40,000 yen. There is no problem with long -distance flights at all, and I have actually put on it and on an airplane. It looks very good. However, the price is around 40,000 yen. DIESEL JOGG JEANS has two models, THAVAR and Teppar, but Thavar is a bit tight, so tepphar is wearing more rough.

HURLEY Knit Jeans

Img_0150 Price: 10,000 yen fabric is light and easy to wear, and stretching is perfect. However, as I was using it, I felt a little bit like the sweatshirt was. It seems that Amazon is the same type as on jerseys for about 10,000 yen. I think that a S -size and average Japanese body is OK. I personally think that this price range and comfort will be quite hit in the winter. It will be useful because you can easily buy and defeat a businessman who likes traveling from traveling and surfers. * Postscript April 20, 2017

Visceral jogger pants

It seems to be Visceral, a newly coming out of Tokyo and street brands, but I purchased this at a surf shop called NO BRAND in Shichirigahama. 10,000 yen excluding tax

Ultra Comfy Jogger Pants Made in Tokyo #visceral

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As you can see, it is thin and tapered quite ahead and looks very refreshing. However, the sweat material is very light and the stretching is very good, which is quite good. It seems to be very useful from surfing to desk work. I bought a light blue blue that seems to be suitable for the summer, but it was an item that could be used so much for office work if it was a dark blue model. If you get a comfortable stretch jeansGo RideJust get on and enjoy a trip! Find your opponent! MADOKA BUS3 Related article It's a summer festival. SANUK Sanuku Sandals Neaker too comfortable As a result of a one -year surf that you want to bring to the surf lip

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