SHOPIFY and influencer are compatible! Introducing EC stores operated by popular influencers in SHOPIFY


"The influencer that I am interested in sells on the EC site."

"I want you to introduce and sell your products to influencers."

Now that SNS has become widespread, the recognition of influencers has been improved these days. Influencers have increased the opportunity to hear in the web marketing world, but did you know that more and more people have managed to operate EC sites (SHOPIFY)?

This time, we have summarized the EC stores that the popular influencers operate in SHOPIFY both in Japan and overseas!

Who is an influencer in the first place?

It's a word called influencer that I often hear now, but what kind of person is it?

Influencer is an etymology of "Influence", which has the meaning of impact, effect, and power. It refers to those who affect the behavior and ideas of the general public and human. Commenters, athletes appearing in the media, fashion models, experts in specific fields, bloggers and YouTuvers are examples of influencers.

Isn't SNS imagined as a place where influencers are active? Through various information dissemination, such as product introduction and experiences on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., we are engaged in purchases and use. Products and services advertised by influential influencers have become active, mainly for influencers, and are active.

Due to this situation, the number of influencers who want to open an EC site as well as actual stores is increasing.

SHOPIFY goes well with influencers!

Influencers have an influence on purchasing and using products and services, but did you know that they are actually compatible with SHOPIFY?

Influencers feel less challenges for attracting customers because they are advertising tower. Recently, the number of influencers that launch EC sites as well as SNS and sell products are increasing. You can see an influencer that promotes purchasing by increasing the willingness to buy with marketing that combines e -commerce sites and SNS.

However, if the order of an EC site is flooded, the server will go down and the usage will be restricted, which may lead to a loss of a vending machine. In order for an influential influencer to operate an EC site, it requires infrastructure and functions that do not cause such sales opportunities.

Shopify is an EC site with a strong infrastructure

Shopify is EC with a strong infrastructure that can withstand intensive accessis.

If access is temporarily concentrated on one website, a heavy burden on the server will occur, causing a server trouble called "mackerel drop". Server down increases the possibility of various disadvantages, such as "it is difficult to connect to EC sites" and "consumers cannot purchase products smoothly".

SHOPIFY realizes consumers' convenience and smooth purchases."99.99 % up time" can be maintainedThe mechanism is prepared. Up time means that all functions installed in SHOPIFY are services and do not generate incapable of control such as errors and maintenance. That is,SHOPIFY has almost no trouble or error on services and services, so the server occupancy rate is surprising 99.99 %is.

Shopify is not only a strong infrastructure,Functions such as order production, reservations, restock notifications, etc. can be easily addedIt is also characteristic. In August 2022, SHOPIFY built a system called "Shopify Collabs" to support influencers. With this mechanism, influencers have become easier to use SHOPIFY, and many influencers have entered the EC market using Shopify.

EC store operated by influencers

From here on, we will introduce the EC store operated by the influencer.


FUMIKODA with over 4,000 followers on Instagram.

FUMIKODA brought SHOPIFY and Facebook to create an EC store on his Facebook. Facebook is the main user of the 40s and 50s, and is suitable for sales of apparel and accessories based on calm colors. Facebook is basically a real name registration, so we are selling products for users who seek a sense of security under the real name.

Store pageHere

Facebook pageHere

Kylie cosmetics
Kylie Website

Kylie Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand produced by Kylie Jenner, an American celebrity.

Kylie is a celebrity influencer with 3.7 billion (as of January 2023) on Instagram, and her cosmetic brand is 25 million on Instagram and 1.2 million followers on Twitter (as of January 2023). Grew to have.

KYLIE Cosmetics, which has many followers, is characterized by frequent products on SNS and many purchases via SNS. There are many products introducing products using fashion models, and there are cases where consumers who have seen SNS to see the fashion model become interested in the product and buy EC sites.

Store pageHere

Instagram isHere


With SHOPIFY, you can easily open an EC site with the required functions from local stores to enterprise stores.

SHOPIFY not only has a strong infrastructure that can withstand access concentration and server down the EC store, but also has easy cooperation with SNS such as Instagram and Twitter. SHOPIFY is an environment that makes it easy to open an EC store for influencers who use SNS to promote products and services.

If you want to make an EC store debut in SHOPIFY or want an EC store that leads to purchase while introducing it on Instagram, why not open an EC store in SHOPIFY with reference to this article?

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