[There is an example! ] How to make LP with SHOPIFY? Explain three methods!


Can I make LP with SHOPIFY?

Of course you can make LP with SHOPIFY!

If you use SHOPIFY, you may need an LP to turn the advertisement.

There are three ways to create an LP with SHOPIFY. This time, I will introduce how to create an LP.

How to create LP

When creating an LP with SHOPIFY, I told you that there are three ways to create. Specifically, there are the following methods.

  1. Use SHOPIFY page
  2. Created by HTML coding
  3. Use the app

If you use a SHOPIFY page or an app, you can easily create an LP without any knowledge of coding.

You can also create more elaborate designs and movements by coding with HTML.

You can create an LP according to each application.

I will explain how to create LP in detail a little more.

Use SHOPIFY page

You can easily create an LP by using the SHOPIFY page.


  • You can easily create an LP without coding.
  • You can try various layouts to use the SHOPIFY section


  • It is difficult to get elaborate designs and movements
  • The layout may be similar to other pages

Template creation

First, create a template for LP.

Login to SHOPIFY

online store



Press "Create a template" in "Page" from the pull -down at the top of the page

SHOPIFY management screen

Name the template.

In this case, I attached "LP".

"Based on" allows you to choose which page to create a page. It is an image of duplicating the page and creating a new one.

Under "Create a template" to create.

SHOPIFY page template creation

Page creation

When the template is created, create a page.

SHOPIFY management screen online store


Add page

Apply the template created earlier in the "theme template" at the bottom right

The LP base is now available.

Shopify page creation screen

After that, select the first theme template created from the customizer of the theme, and add the necessary information such as images and text.

SHOPIFY LP creation management screen

Created by HTML coding

You can also create an LP with HTML coding. You need coding knowledge, but you can also create an LP with advanced design SEO.

Go Ride often uses this method.


  • You can create a design without being tied to the template
  • You can also make the best LP that takes into account SEO


  • I need coding knowledge
  • The number of people who can maintain the code is also required to edit the code, so the code is also replaced.

Page creation

online store


Add page

Make the code view with the "<>" button of "Content" and put HTML in it.

You can now create an LP using HTML,If you want to customize further, we recommend creating a page template and describing HTML etc. in it.

Management screen when creating LP with HTML

Our case 1

The following is the LP created by us.

Create a theme template and use HTMLI am creating an LP. It also works with KLAVIYO and supports pop -up displays.

You can also set up inquiry forms by embedding the code.

Our case 2

This is an LP created by the cross -border EC in the United States on the appeal axis.

Similarly, it is an LP using the theme template.

There are many other LP production cases, so please contact us for details!

Create an LP using the app

You can also create an LP using the app.

You can easily create an LP without a layout from the SHOPIFY section or without coding.


  • You can easily create an LP without coding
  • Depending on the app, you can create a layout different from SHOPIFY


  • Depending on the app, a monthly fee is required
  • It is difficult to handle elaborate designs
  • The possibility of maintenance is required by updating the app

Here are two apps that can be created by LP.


Blog, product page, LP, etc.A page editor that can be easily designed by dragging and dropping.


  • The only SHOPIFY PLUS certified page builder. There is a free plan.
  • Supports all page types: blog, product, collection, top page, LP.
  • It is possible to make direct changes to the theme in the edited theme section.
  • Drag and drop achieves a design that supports all page types.
  • Advanced Plan can use functions such as content synchronization and user management between stores.


It is a well -known app like SHOGUN. The management screen also supports Japanese.


  • Slide show, tab, accordion, table, content list, etc. can be created.
  • Easy pages can be created by dragging and drop.
  • There is a free plan.
  • Japanese language compatible with management screen.
  • Auto save, global styling, global section is easy to create multiple pages.


The following three methods are explained when creating LP with Shopify.

  • Use SHOPIFY page
  • Created by HTML coding
  • Use the app

Anyone can easily create an LP by using the SHOPIFY page or app.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so you can use them properly in the necessary situations.

Go Ride provides support for creating LP.

  • There is no resource to make LP ...
  • I can't design well ...
  • I want you to support ads all at once ...

You can solve your worries in one stop!

Please feel free to contact us.

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