Purchase rate improvement! What is a must -have basket drop in SHOPIFY PLUS "Check -out customization"?

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Check -out improvement is the key to EC success

The key is "attracting customers" and "purchase rate".
How many customers are attracting and purchasing with a high probability is directly linked to sales.

Today, from the viewpoint of increasing the purchase rate, I will delve into the “check -out improvement”, which is a measure to drop basket.

Consultation on SHOPIFY and web attracting customersHere

SHOPIFY basket drop and check -out flow

In SHOPIFY, you need to take the following steps before you purchase.
  1. Put the product in the cart
  2. Proceed to check -out (payment) and enter customer information
  3. Select the delivery method
  4. Select a payment method and enter information
Even though the product is put in the cart, it is called a basket falling to leave without purchasing, and in the above steps.Customers who have left between 2 and 4is.
I was trying to buy it, but I stopped buying for some reason, so to speak, because it is a loss of opportunity, I have to miss it!

There are various measures to prevent baskets, but ifIf you are using Shopify PlusBy reviewing the 2-4 check-out flow, you can expect to improve the basket.

What is Shopify Plus?

See this article for Shopify Plus.
Explains Shopify Plus for enterprise in an easy -to -understand manner.

What is Shopify Plus? Let's know about the top plan of Shoppi Fi

Know the store basket falling

First, measure how much basket falling has occurred in your store.
SHOPIFY has a report function as standard, but unfortunately there is no "basket drop", so it is necessary to calculate the following:
Kago drop rate = (added to cart -Check -out has already reached) /Added to cart x 100
In addition, the ratio of withdrawal by check -out flow can be calculated as follows.
Check -out withdrawal rate = (reached check -out -Number of sessions tied to conversion)
Analytics> There is an item called conversion rate in the dashboard, so let's calculate from there.

In the above example
Kago drop rate = 69.11%, check -out withdrawal rate = 22.22%

Average basket drop rate

Now that you know the ratio of the basket fall, let's compare it with a general basket drop rate.
Not only the basket drop rate but also all report data on the EC site depends on the type of business, device, purchase unit price, etc., but Baymard Institute summarizes 44 reports.This articleAccording to the average basket drop rate69.80%It is.

Despite the fact that I went to the settlement70 % of customers will leaveIt is.

How to improve the basket drop

There are the following survey results for the reasons for not being purchased.

  1. Because it turned out to be expensive if you add shipping and consumption tax → 49%
  2. Because membership registration was required → 24%
  3. Because I knew it would take time to get it at hand → 19%
  4. Long flows to purchase or complicated → 18%
From this statistical result, you can clearly see if the user is looking for a "simple and easy -to -understand purchase flow".

Countermeasures to drop basket with SHOPIFY PLUS! Customize check -out flowlows

Check -out custom ①: Short the flow

Handling health foodsSynchroThen, all of the purchase flows are compiled on one page.
When you enter the address, the shipping cost is calculated and the right side is automatically displayed, so the user can purchase until the transition of the page.

Frankies BikinisBut all processes are compiled on one page.

Check -out custom ②: Easy -to -understand UI with bread waste

Sweets shopDel'immoThen, it is very user -friendly because you can see what payment method is compatible when you enter the check -out.

FitbitThe check -out screen is customized to make it easier to understand.
Especially how to show mobile is very intuitive!

Lingerie brandKnixThe purchase process is customized for easy -to -understand design.

Check -out custom ③: Branding design

Skinnydip LondonThe check -out is a design that makes you excited using a key color baby pink and a cute icon.

Case Case Falling 0.7%improvement

As I looked at various examples, I have helped me check out customization of Shopify Plus, which has supported a lot of SHOPIFY construction and operation.

In Japan, there are many merchants who have a uniform delivery company nationwide and are free of shipping, so in this case you can skip the "Select the delivery method" of the check -out flow.

Although it is a small difference, this customization has improved the basket by 0.7%after two weeks.
0.7% improvement means that sales have been raised.
When the basket drop is improvedDirectly linked to salesTherefore, it will be a part with high improvement.

For check -out customization of SHOPIFY PLUS, please consult with Go Ride

If you are having trouble using and consider SHOPFIY Plus, please feel free to contact Go Ride if you have any problems with check -out customization!
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