In short of sleep! Netflix Recommended Domestic & 8 Overseas Dramas

Source: Netflix Net Flix has also arrived in Japan. Originally, we started a service to mail by mail by mail so that we do not have to go to DVD SHOP to DVD Shop and rent it, now a company that also delivers movies and dramas to Japan. In the first month, I was caught by a new series of Netflix Terrace House and made a contract. The registration is completed in one minute just to put the credit card information. We have limited the content of Fuji TV and dramas created by Netflix. Here are 10 recommended selections, such as movies and overseas dramas that focus on original content that can only be seen on Netflix. 8. Suits Suit Set in a major law firm in New York, a young -skilled partner lawyer and a criminal young man who have fallen from college, despite having a genius, form a tag and boldly challenge various lawsuits. " 7. UNDERWEAR Underwear (Netflix Original Work) "The heroine of a country girl who is not interested in fashion played by Mirei Kiritani gets a job at a luxury lingerie maker in Ginza, touches on values ​​that he has never been in contact with, is confused, and repeated.Mao EarthA work drama with a "co -sensitivity of 100 %" depicting the help of the boss's south and colleagues to grab and grab a dream. " 6. Beter CALL SAUL Better Call Soul (Netflix Original Work) A spin -off work depicting the past of Seoul Goodman, "Breaking Bad", who pursues a man who was a lawyer who became a vicious lawyer. 5.TERRACE HOUSE Shonan's first season (Netflix original work) You can see all the reality dramas in which six terrace house men and women live together in the Shonan area. I want to look back at the nostalgic scenes. 4. Orange is the new black orange Iz New Black (Netflix Original Work) LGBT Dota Drama, the protagonist Piper Chapman living happily with his lover. She was arrested and sentenced to a prison sentence, with her old days with Lesbian Alex, who had been dating Lesbian Alex. From there, they enter the women's prison and spend strange days with their unique characters. 3. Blood LINE Blood Line (Netflix Original Works) The story of the Lavern family, which runs the hotel in Florida, and the 45th anniversary party of the hotel, Danny, the eldest son of a problem child, suddenly returns home, and the secret of the family becomes clear. The acting ability of the cast is wonderful, and it is an impression that it is a addictive role. Danny's waste, the second son and the eldest daughter are also real. Inheritance issues that seem to be real in the so -called rich family came out and saw it all at once. 2.TERRACE HOUSE Terrace House Boys and Girls in The City (Netflix Original Works) I guess many people have signed a contract because they want to see this, a new series of terrace houses. This house is also a mansion that is better than Shonan's house in the first series. It seems that the development of six unique members is enjoying the development very much and it is updated every Tuesday. The TV broadcast has also begun, but if you are worried about the latest work because it is published ahead of Netflix, check Netflix! Yama -chan's impressions that could not be commented during the broadcast on YouTube are also tasteful. 1.Narcos Narcos (Netflix original work) A Netflix original documentary drama based on the true story of a real Colombian drug king Pavlo Escobal, a real Colombian drug king in the 1980s. Drag, murder, bribe, threat, kidnapping, terrorism, a war with the government and hemp drug cartels. It contains a lot of extreme scenes, so it feels like R15 designation. Occasionally, it is a very interesting drama with a sense of presence while using the actual pablo video in the middle of the drama. It is one push. I was completely short of sleep because of this. In September 2016, Season 2 has been released on Netflix, and you can see the spectacular life of Pablo, which was hostile to the world. If you are lazy at Netflix at home, this item is recommended I feel happy just by making it a sofa and a sofa. After all, the caramel flavor is delicious even with popcorn. Now you can become a stunning useless human while fixing your neck Water is a little more theater when you drink perrier. This is also a couple seat perfect for movies.

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