Explain the SEO strategy utilizing AHREFS x SHOPIFY!

by Chie Suzuki

I started selling e -commerce business at Shopify, but I want more people to see it! Shop search print ranking is too low! But I don't know what to do. Do you have such a problem?

SEO in online business(Search Engine Optimization) is an essential element. In particular, when using e -commerce platforms such as SHOPIFY, you can use SEO tools such as Ahrefs to help you grow your business!

In this articleHere are some effective SEO strategies that utilize the combination of Shopify and Ahrefs.

Maximize the use of Ahrefs with Shopify

SEO strategy in the store by utilizing Ahrefs settings on SHOPIFYYou can strengthen and improve the ranking of search engines.

Implementation of competition analysis

By using Ahrefs website Explorer, you can dig into the websites of competitors.

The information of competitors that can be confirmed in Ahrefs can vary, including backlink profiles, keyword strategies, and content strategies.

You can learn from the successful cases of competitors, which helps you to improve your websites and discover new strategies.

Optimization of internal link structure

By using Ahrefs's Site Audit tool, you can identify the problem of internal links and use it for corrections.

Optimizing the internal link structure in the Shopify store will enable searching engines to effectively crawl important pages on the website, and the "quality of the site" will be raised.

By increasing the evaluation from the search engine, you can expect display to the top search results.

Keyword reorganization and content strategy

Keyword reorganization and content strategies are a very important factor in the SEO strategy of online business. Let's take a closer look at each method!

Keyword resilment

Keyword Release is a process that allows you to identify search keywords related to the store industry and product and evaluate the amount of search and competitiveness of those keywords. By using Ahrefs keyword Explorer, you can use the following steps effectively to perform keyword resilts.

  • Specific keywords related keywords: Search for keywords related to products sold at the store with Ahrefs keyword Explorer. This will understand keywords that potential customers may search.

  • Evaluation of search amount and competitiveness: Select a keyword that is frequently searched and has a relatively low competition. Use Ahrefs tool to analyze the amount of search and competitiveness of each keyword and select the optimal keyword.

Content strategy

Use the keywords selected earlier to provide the information that users are looking for. You can take the following methods specifically.

  • Specified popular topic: Use Ahrefs content Explorer to identify popular topics and trends related to store products. This understands a topic that is likely to be interested in readers.

  • Creating a blog post: Create a blog post based on the specified popular topics and trends. The content of the article is to properly incorporate the selected keywords and provide information that users will consider it useful.

If you can analyze the store carefully and provide content that meets the user's interest, it is expected that the quality of the site is good and it can be expected to improve the ranking of search engines.

Backlink strategy

The backlink strategy aims to get links from other websites to our website. This improves the reliability and ranking of search engines, increasing the exposure and reliability of online businesses.

Let's explain the details of the backlink strategy!

Discovering a backlink opportunity

  • Use Ahrefs backlink profiler: You can use Ahrefs backlink profilers to find backlink opportunities from websites related to store industries and products. You can use this to analyze the backlink strategy of competitors and find a site with potential to strengthen backlinks in your store.

  • Outreach to website: Outreach on a highly relevant website and advertise your products and content. Other websites link their content to get backlinks and improve the search engine ranking.

Sharing content and acquiring backlinks

Nevertheless, negotiating backlinks at my store because the competition is introduced, is a little difficult. You can also get backlinks in the following ways.

  • Sharing of SHOPIFY content: You can get a natural backlink by sharing products and blog posts in the Shopify store on SNS and blog platforms. Other websites administrators and users are interested in their content and can be spontaneously linked.

  • Backlink monitoring and adjustment: Use Ahrefs back drink tracker for the acquired backlink to monitor the situation. If you share it on a security site, it will be judged to be a bad backlink and the site may be reduced. In such a case, deny and delete the backlink and respond.

Ahrefs isAt SHOPIFYAn effective and powerful tool to promote the growth of online business!

Comprehensive SEO strategies that combine these tools, such as competitive analysis, keyword reorganization, and backlink strategies, will lead to improvements in search engine rankings and an increase in organic traffic. Use SHOPIFY and AHREFS to make use of SHOPIFY and AHREFS while making regular monitoring and strategy optimization!

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