Can the multi -vendor marketplace be built in SHOPIFY?

by Hajime Ozawa

Have you ever wanted to build a multi -vendor marketplace like Mercari Amazon?

In this article:

  • Explanation of multi -vendor marketplace
  • SHOPIFY <> Multi -vendor Store: Points to note


What is a multi -vendor marketplace?

Multi -vendor marketplace is a net store that can be sold, purchased, and trades, as well as a regular EC site. Simply put, it is a store like Mercari, Amazon and Rakuten.

Even if you do not build an online store to sell products, you can exhibit it simply by registering a vendor in the marketplace.

The merit of building a multi -vendor marketplace is:

  • Because you can register various vendors, you can sell various products on the site without having to develop products in -house.
  • Because there are various products in the store, for example, I think that there are many people who look for a marketplace when there is something necessary for the buyer.

Multi -vendor marketplace, which has such a merit, can be built on SHOPIFY, but there are many things to be aware of.

SHOPIFY <> Multi -vendor Store: Points to note!

When building a multi -vendor store in SHOPIFY, you may be careful.

First, SHOPIFY basically assumes that one brand builds its own EC site, and in principle, SHOPIFY is the terms of use.

One store = one seller

We are premised on.

Shopify rulesHere

The mall type is a form that manages basic fees, etc., but such acts areSHOPIFY PAYMENT Rules (15. RESTRICTED USE)Please note that it is prohibited.

However, there is no problem to operate in the "drop -shiping format". This is a multi -vendor store with multiple vendors, but the store owner of the marketplace store itself is managed by one (one company). Please note thatAll quality responsibilities and refunds are the responsibility of the marketplace side.

for example,It is necessary to confirm that there is no problem with the product sold by the vendor on the marketplace side, and it is dangerous.In addition, it is necessary to take responsibility, such as order management and payment management, (if you check the image above, you can see the ideal basic flow). MercariformatIf there is a complaint from the buyer, the store ownerIt is the same as the format received by (Mercari).

fundamentallyIf the above rules and overall flows of your thoughts are not a problem with the SHOPIFY rules,On the SHOPIFY siteI think a multi -vendor marketplace is possible.

* There are various operational flows, and this article does not describe whether there is no problem with the details, so let's check the SHOPIFY rules and build a multi -vendor marketplace site!

About construction

You need an app to build a SHOPIFY multi -vendor marketplace site. There are various apps in the app store, but this time we will introduce Multi Vendor Marketplace.

Multi Vendor Marketplace

Image from Shopify App Store

About functions:

  • Store owners can set a commission and set a seller commission for the seller.
  • It is possible to add a product / seller in the CSV file, edit the product in CSV.
  • Sellers can have their own "profile page" in the store.

About the monthly cost:

Image from Shopify App Store

Introducing the screen of the Multi Vendor Marketplace app.

Exhibitor's login screen

Multi Vendor Marketplace

Exhibitor's order details screen

Multi Vendor Marketplace

Product management screen of the seller side

Multi Vendor Marketplace
  • Order information/delivery status
  • Payment information of the orderer (payment address, contact information)
  • Orderer delivery information (delivery address, contact information)
  • Basic information of the orderer (name, email, telephone number, company name)

Customized with Go Ride

We can support the initial setting and theme installation in our Go Ride.

In addition, since it is an external application, the range that can be customized is limited, but for example, you can translate the application management screen to Japan.

If you would like an app stapling, please contact us!


In SHOPIFY, you can build a multi -vendor marketplace, but you need to make sure that there is no problem with the SHOPIFY rules. Basically, as described above, one person (one company) manages all of the store as a store owner, and operates the "drop shipping" format.

If you are considering building a multi -vendor marketplace store, please leave our support store to build! It is also possible to check with SHOPIFY JAPAN directly to see if the whole flow of the store you think is a SHOPIFY rule, so if you have any problems, please contact us!


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