[Travel] Room with Open Air Hot Spring "ONSEN" in Japan can be rented by the hour


In general, Public nudity in Japanese hot spring “ONSEN” might sound a little weird to Westerners.

And When a couple or family with small kids will have to enter separately into female or male public bath, they might find it difficult to communicate with your kid or partner while bathing in ONSEN.

Actually here is a best solution for those, you can actually rent a good size of private bath filled with indigenous onsen and room with table for relatively reasonable fees by the hour.
Usually it is in the range of $35 – $60/ hour

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And it is getting more and more popular among Japanese, especially for young couples.

There are lots of rooms with private bath in Hakone Onsen which is well known as weekend get away destination from Tokyo.
But it will usually come with well over $600/night price tag that includes dinner and breakfast.

If you can afford this, this is nice.

If you want to try for a couple hours of experiences with your partner what it is like to have a room with private bath.
Here is the list of some good private onsen that you can rent by the hour.
Some of them have a huge public bath as well, some of them do not and just private bath.

1. Akazawa Higaeri (day trip) Onsen Izu

Entrance fees :Weekday JPY 1,550 Weekend JPY 1,900
Private Bath : JPY 2,700 / hour

Best cost performance private bath I ever used. If you use it for 2hours, it will be around $80 plus, but it worth it.

All private bathtub facing ocean view and spacious room also has an ocean view and it even got a Futon.

Private bathtub was completely separated from others and very comfortable.
I definitely recommend travel couple to use it for a day trip.

2. Zekuu Chiba

Entrance Fee JPY1,300
Open Air Private Bath JPY 4,000 – 6,000 / hour

Great View with natural hot spring overlooking Pacific Ocean.
Not a typical area for hot spring so if you want to avoid busy Hakone. This must be a place.

3. Hakone Yuryo Hakone

JPY 3900 – 5900 / hour
depends on the room type 2 – 4 people.

Room was very clean, well equipped with nice view overlooking cliff but private bathtub was too close to each other and ended up hearing some conversation in next private bathtub since it is open air.

All those onsen is located in day trip range from Tokyo by car.
If you ever have a chance to visit Tokyo in Autumn or Winter, Those open-air onsen is a good treat for you.



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