[SPORTS] How Work Out Meals Affect Your Body


You have been working out, which means your muscles immediately used metabolism fuels.
To enable you to exercise for another five minutes or longer, your body needs to marshal its stored fuels to make fat, glucose, and amino acids readily available for oxidation.

This is called the catabolic process and can’t happen coincident to anabolic procedures like glycogen formation and protein synthesis.
Following an excellent workout, the body must change over from a catabolic surroundings to an anabolic one.
The post workout meal will alter your hormonal surroundings so this process can take place.
An excellent post workout meal provides carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to the body so it can start repairing damaged tissue and repairing fuel reserves.
Why? This occurs because protein provides essential amino acids needed to reconstruct damaged muscle.

The body itself needs a method to adjust to the rigor of exercise. Protein provides the body these essential amino acids needed for endogenous protein synthesis.

Put simply, the body’s capability to adjust to a work out depends on getting accessible protein. How much protein is needed following a good workout? Nobody is exactly sure.
Professional coaches think the total protein consumption for athletes is between 1.6-1.8 grams per kilogram bodyweight. You should know the body cannot efficiently store amino acids. You should whatever the case, eat protein every 3-4 hours.

A post workout meal must contain some slowly digesting protein that may allow a constant discharge of amino acids to your system well following your exercise. Even as carbohydrates are essential for strength in your workout they’re crucial for glycogen recovery.

Today there’s a lot of discussion on what kind of carb is best for post work out recovery.
There’s the commercial viewpoint that wants you to drink a costly sugar solution with some other additives. Some coaches advise an easy sugar and water solution, along with other advice eating a great meal. The simple truth is that regardless of what you eat, the answers are about the same, so long as there are adequate levels of carbohydrates present.
This is true whether the carbohydrates are alone or with some other nutrients.
You need to replenish your glycogen and you do that with carbohydrates. There’s also an on going debate about if fat must be added to the post exercise meal. One point that’s agreed upon is the fats must be in the shape of fatty acids like Omega-3 and 6. It can’t be stressed enough that you need to replenish your fluids following a good workout.

And here are 3 work out meals of my favorite.

1.Stirred Fried Brockley and Chiken

via Tomato Tango

It is well-known King of Post Work Out Meal, pure protein and vitamin with good flavor of broccoli.
It is a good choice if you are looking to lean up a bit, try to avoid extra fat and keep yourself fit.

2. Beef Rib

Via Amazing Ribs

When you work out more intensively, you can gear up your game and store extra calories and fat.
Beef Rib is a perfect choice to recover your damaged muscle and fuel energy.

3.Protein Pancakes

Morning Choice! After early morning work out, it will be your best breakfast to energize you for the work and day!



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