Golden State Distillery crafted spirits from California to launch in 2017


Not to mention California is home to great winery and wine grape. There is also a craft beer movement emerged in Northern California.
Yet, It may not sound familiar, Spirits from California.
Now Golden State Distillery is challenging new frontier “Crafted Spirits from California”.


Golden State Distillery is making spirits with the support of local distillery, Rob Rubens Distilling in El Segundo and trying to put California flavor in every single drop.


Marsh Mokhtari, A founder of Golden State Distillery, a father of two daughters, has his career in entertainment world for more than 16 years as an actor, TV show host and producer.



And now he expects to launch his line of spirits brand “Golden State Distillery”around 2017 February as follows.

  • Gray Whale Gin
  • Coast Vodka
  • Marvericks Whisky

Here is some of the Instagram photo that gives you an idea of what they do.

According to Marsh, Whisky age much faster in California weather as compared to Scotland or Japanese weather as it gets hot in daytime and cool off at night that enables Barrel wood to expand and shrink much a lot.

Traditional Scotland and Japanese whisky could take 10 years to be aged and produced such as Hakusyu 12 years where as California weather makes it happen in 3 to 5 years.

Pricing for those spirits still unknown, yet Marsh aims to make it approachable pricing for authentic spirits. (We will follow up the pricing and those brand logo information as it becomes public.)

I had a chance to sip his Gray Whale Gin in his workshop other day in Playa Vista, It was certainly easy to drink even for non-spirits drinker like myself and had unique flavor which comes from the mixture of Jalapeno, Orange, Douglas Tree(Pine tree).

Those ingredients respectively come from Mexico, Central California and North California.

It is named after Gray Whale in nature because they circulate the coast of Mexico and California on the way to Arctic.They came up with the name as they cruise along PCH and saw grey whale massive blow out.
Hopefully we can enjoy this crafted spirits on the beach in 2017 February.

Here are the links to follow for Golden State Distillery




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