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From Shopify and WordPress development to digital marketing and creative media, we take care of it all.
We are a digital creative agency operating in Japan and Los Angeles.


We’re certified Shopify Plus Partner. We provide Shopify-related services from domestic and international e-commerce, to development and operation management. We specialize in mid-to-long-term support: Through start-up support and strategic planning, and efficiently progressing through the PDCA cycle, we continuously improve operations and maximize results. We can also provide assistance for specific issues by utilizing our expertise in each area. Besides initial development, we can also rebuild your brand website or landing page using Shopify’s unique features to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Thanks to our position with teams based in both Japan and Los Angeles, our forte is cross-border E-commerce projects connected to North American markets. Talk to us about expanding your operations overseas! With GO RIDE’s unique global approach, we’re here for you.

E-Commerce Website Development

Brand Website Development

Landing Page Development

App Development

We develop Shopify apps at a reasonable price if existing apps don’t match your needs. Contact us in order to make your “What if we could…!” come true. GO RIDE members, who are all bilingual in Japanese and English, will support you in order to solve problems that you have and improve UI/UX.

What we’ve done: App development using Ruby on Rails & Node.js/React/Next.js
In addition to the above, we have done consulting work on Shopify app development for one of the biggest ecommerce development companies in Japan.

Custom App

Private App

Public App

Go SubscRide Go SubscRide

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing requires knowledge across multiple channels. From advertising and social media management to content strategy planning, our team of professionals at GO RIDE provides total support all from one source.

Influencer Marketing

Social Media

Planning and Management

Content Strategy Planning

google partner
We are an officially certified Google Ads partner.


Google Ads


At GO RIDE, we can provide any and all creative contents necessary for branding in the digital realm. We are happy to provide creative media to the widest extent possible according to your budget and needs.

Graphic Design

Advertising Design


Production of Motion Graphics


A brand specializing in matcha beverages developed by GO RIDE for the United States market with the themes of “making MATCHA everyday” and “redefining MATCHA”. Only 100% Japanese organic tea leaves, which are rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber and theanine, are used. Since it can be used for drinks and cooking recipes, it is easy to incorporate matcha into various lifestyles. Through E-commerce, Sol Matcha also offers subscription sales with selectable purchase cycles. Development of protein drinks using matcha is also underway.

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GO RIDE Shopify Expert Works : GOLF Partner USA
GO RIDE Shopify Expert Works : Tabio


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WeWork Millennium Dr
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Los Angeles, CA, 90094
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Japan Office
WeWork Ocean Gate Minatomirai
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