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We are GO RIDE, Shopify Expert based in LA & Yokohama

GO RIDE is a digital creative agency consisting of marketers, designers, creators and engineers based in Japan and Los Angeles. We provide comprehensive support for the growth of our clients’ business, from strategic planning to execution, and continue to work alongside them.

Our Values

We proactively promote diversity and accept staff of backgrounds diverse in ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, etc. Through diversity in our organization, we create new value and improve organizational performance.

Our Mission

We are always there for our clients. We solve client problems not just on a temporary basis, but with future perspective: we make it our goal to support our clients long-term. Not just within Japan, but from Japan to the U.S. and vice-versa, generating customers for high-quality products and services with a story to tell is our business, and the mission to support clients with that kind of potential is what drives us.

Our Team & Culture


We are a digital creative agency based in LA & Yokohama

More fun, more fulfillment. We are a professional team valuing freedom, productivity, tolerance and respect.

GO RIDE Toyo Hirashima
GO RIDE Shopify Expert Toyo

Toyo Hirashima


Live, Laugh, Love, Work, Surf, Repeat.
Create lifestyle you love. Life is short, Let’s go ride.

GO RIDE Miho Kumagai
GO RIDE Shopify Expert Member Miho

Miho Kumagai

Account Manager

Born in Nagano, studied in Chicago, have worked in both New York and Tokyo.
“Live your life by a compass, not a clock.”

GO RIDE Tomoe Onishi
GO RIDE Shopify Expert Member Tomoe

Tomoe Onishi


My kids and sake are a part of who I am.

GO RIDE mimi-chan
GO RIDE Shopify Expert Member Subin

Subin Chan


Always looking for an adventure but my heart is home with family.

GO RIDE Sara Takahashi
GO RIDE Shopify Expert Member Sara

Sara Takahashi

Digital Marketer

Love horror games and movies.

GO RIDE Marina Fujihara
GO RIDE Shopify Expert Member Marina

Marina Fujihara

UI / UX Designer

I’m an outdoorsy INTJ. You’ll find me where the sun is.

GO RIDE Geoffrey Guyonnet
GO RIDE Shopify Expert Partner Geoffrey

Geoffrey Guyonnet

Digital Marketer

Born and raised in France. Adopted by Japan. 100% Digital Marketing aficionado – 100% Music enthusiast. “Every challenge is an opportunity.”

goride hajime ozawa
GO RIDE Shopify Expert Member Hajime

Hajime Ozawa

Digital Marketer

Very nonchalant and easygoing digital marketer.
I enjoy life by playing sports and eating pizza.

Go ride Chihiro Tsuda
GO RIDE Shopify Expert Chihiro

Chihiro Tsuda

Shopify App Developer

Absolute craft beer nerd. I left my heart in Thailand. Always keep this in mind: “Every cloud has a silver lining”.

Ruby on Rails, React, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript

GO RIDE Shopify Expert Jack

Jack Wuersch

Shopify App Developer

I’m an Australian who started my life in Japan after graduating from university. Outside of work I’m usually playing video games or complaining about the heat in summer.

Our Partners


Shopify App Developer

Anna Khitrova

Photographer / Marketer

Katsuo Fujisaki

Google Ads Specialist

GO RIDE Shopify Expert Partner Rubicore


US Office
WeWork Playa Vista
12655 W Jefferson Blvd,Los Angeles, CA 90066


Japan Office
WeWork Ocean Gate Minatomirai
220-0012 Minatomirai 3-7-1 Nishi-ku,Yokohama-shi

Our Works

Work as a GO RIDEr

Following the GO RIDE mission statement, “Create lifestyle you love,” we provide our clients with our best possible performance by valuing our team’s work-life balance.
We look forward to hearing from applicants who share our vision and can grow with us.


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