GO RIDE Shopify Meetups in Yokohama/Tokyo

by Marina Fujihara
We GO RIDE Japan Team held Shopify Meetups at WeWork Minatomirai (Yokohama) and WeWork Iceberg (Tokyo) on September 17th and 18th. The meetups were hosted with Transcosmos R&D, Inc., featuring "LINE×cross-border e-commerce." As a guest speaker, we invited Floor Standard Inc. as well which has a D2C Shampoo brand "YOU TOKYO." First off, Toyo, CEO of GO RIDE, and Anna, Digital Marketer of GO RIDE Republic in LA, talked about marketing trends and tips for the US market such as
  • O2O (Online to Offline funnel)
  • Email Automation
  • IRL (In Real Life)
  • GIPHY (Popular social media/Stickers and animated photos)
  • AR (Alternative Reality)
After GO RIDE's presentation, we moved on to the next speaker Mr. Takada from Transcosmos R&D, Inc. He gave us a presentation on this topic "Shopify×LINE; how to use Buy Button." As you may know, LINE, a free messaging app, is one of the most popular/used apps in Japan. Mr. Takada also talked about their new software service "Kisuke" offered by Transcosmos R&D, Inc. - What's Kisuke? Kisuke is an e-commerce tool specialized for LINE and can easily get linked to Shopify. It helps sellers directly approach customers on LINE for multiple purposes such as offering promo code to customer support services. "We're thinking of adding more features on Kisuke," Mr. Takada said, who has 10+ years of experience in the e-commerce field. "Making it a Shopify app is on the table," he added. As a guest speaker, Mr. Miura from Floor Standard Inc. gave us tips about "How to attract new customers on D2C product developing with LINE". Their haircare brand "YOU TOKYO" was born from a long year curly hair struggle of Mr. Takamatsu, CEO of Floor Standard Inc. "I like my naturally curly hair" - they sell hair care products specialize for curly hair on Shopify and create content with this key phrase. "LINE helps us make products WITH customers and result in more sales," Mr. Miura said. With their actual story about YOU TOKYO, he suggested getting closer to customers and involving them in the process of product-making by using LINE because, from that, you
  • can know deeper what customers think
  • can get them to trust you more
  • are more likely to close a sale with LINE final push
  • can result in more sales
Those are the main tips for Shopify×LINE marketing from Floor Standard, which has a lot of experience in "Web×Product-Making×e-Commerce." Thank you so much for coming to the events! We were so happy to meet a lot of people there even though it was on weekdays. That wraps up this article! Go check out other articles here. GO RIDE will help you with creating brands and managing e-commerce websites. Visit our website and say hello!


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