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Some of the private production results and case studies using Shopify are listed here.

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Case Study

Apparel brand (for Japan)

Shopify <> ecbeing linking

We consulted on the development of an inventory link between two sites: ecbeing for the Japanese e-commerce site and Shopify for the cross-border e-commerce.

Organic food brand (for Japan)

Build Shopify store / Implement Shopify POS

We built a store for members using Shopify, introducing Shopify POS and a loyalty program to integrate points between physical stores and e-commerce. We also provided post-introduction lectures. Also integrated customization of a member’s page with with personalization and chatbot functions.

Food Ordering Store (for Japan)

Shopify Store Customization

We customized Shopify for a gourmet food supply store that introduced multi-vendor functions. The main focus of the customization was to adjust the style of the store as a whole including UI/UX upgrades.

Herbal Tea Brand(for Japan)

Introduction of subscription

Introduced subscription feature to Shopify store selling herbal tea. We set up multiple subscription plans based on the client’s request, and localized them into Japanese.

golf wear brand (cross-border e-commerce)

Shopify Store Development

We built a Shopify store for a US golf wear brand, designed a simple UI/UX for the US market, and expressed the high-end brand image through the design. Introduced point program, Instagram feed, and ranking.

Organic cosmetic brand (for Japan)

Shopify store construction

We built a Shopify store for an organic cosmetic brand that was migrating to Shopify. We were in charge of the entire store construction, from the product pages to the design advice on how to divide the contents in the site.

Reuse Brand Bag Store (for US)

Shopify Store Construction

We built a Shopify store for the US to sell used brand bags and items.

Reuse Brand Watch Store (for Japan)

Shopify Customizer / Adviser

We styled, customized, and created a logo for a Shopify store that sells pre-owned watches.

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