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The brand Reale is planned, designed, developed, manufactured and sold by the Sagara Corporation. It is a children’s tableware brand that pursues harmony, coexistence and sustainability with nature and the environment. Based on the concept of Ecology, Creativity, and Education, Reale provides value to customers who are highly environmentally conscious and sensitive to their child’s education. In Japan, their products are sold in premium department & interior goods stores nationwide, with diverse overseas sales channels, including China, Taiwan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East. At the end of last year, they opened a POP-UP store in Brooklyn, New York.

Project Overview

For BtoB resellers (wholesalers), we created a system that allows them to place orders by logging in, enabling them to conduct sales activities and place orders online, which was previously done through exhibitions, phone calls, and emails. We focused on differentiating the store from existing BtoC e-commerce sites, enriching the brand contents, and making it easy to update in order to constantly provide the latest information.

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We presented the brand value and corporate value by setting up a top page, About Us, How They Are Made, Locations, and other pages to make it easy to understand the brand concept, commitment to the manufacturing process, and brand quality. In terms of style, we created a design and color palette that embodied the overall brand concept by using natural materials.

In terms of functionality, we implemented a system that allows resellers to place orders by displaying wholesale prices and a Buy button when they log in. The store also supports sales prices that vary by region. The first language of the store is English, with automatic translation into French.

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