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“AIRBUGGY is known for Made-in-Japan baby strollers. The brand also sells pet strollers, built with a focus on being “”gentle to both owner and dog.””

Their innovative pet carriages, not just stylish but packed with intelligent design and features, were developed using the knowledge cultivated from the production of AIRBUGGY baby strollers, and are beloved all over the world.”

Project Overview

We developed Shopify web stores, one for the North American and one for the EU market. To satisfy the request for a combined B2B/B2C store, we added a wholesale feature. We carefully considered the multiple Shopify store models for B2B sales, and implemented the right application to suit the functional requirements. We also created the main visual banner, and e-newsletters for both individual and wholesale customers.

Device Frame


We expressed the AIRBUGGY brand’s values through interface layout and web design. With the stroller as the main item in the front, we added tabs to easily show off the myriad accesories offered. We also introduced dynamically-arranged visual buttons that show the use for each series.

From either an identical store layout or a special wholesale-only browsing layout, we’ve implemented wholesale purchasing seamlessly into the store. Though a unified store model can easily become cumbersome, through centralized inventory management, regular vs. wholesale price comparison, and adjustable discount rates features, we created a simple, easy-to-use design for the combined store.

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GO RIDE Shopify Expert Works : GOLF Partner USA
GO RIDE Shopify Expert Works : Tabio


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