SHOPIFY plan comparison: Points to choose the best plan for you


The world's largest share, SHOPIFY, has a variety of new features every year, growing into a more functional platform. Furthermore, with the support of Japanese support and the increase in Japanese -language apps, businesses in Japan are even easier to use.

This time, we will compare the four fare structure to businesses that are considering the introduction of SHOPIFY.

You can see the best plan that suits your business, so if you are interested, please refer to it.

About SHOPIFY plan

Shopify has four plans and you need to sign up for one plan. The plan varies depending on the function and sales scale, and supports a wide range of needs, from small EC sites operated by individuals to enterprise that develops 10,000 units. There is no restriction that you have to sign up for this plan, and businesses can select a plan according to the need for functions.

SHOPIFY fee structure

Plan name
Monthly cost
Shopify Plus


About SHOPIFY fees

Image of card payment

In addition to the monthly usage fee of the plan, you need to pay a payment fee. The payment fee is set at the lowest price in Japan. In addition, transaction fees will be free if you have SHOPIFY's proprietary payment service "SHOPIFY Payment".

Settlement fee※1
Transaction feeShopify pay
Transaction feeOther than SHOPIFY Payment
basic 3.40% free 2.00%
Standard 3.30% free 1.00%
premium 3.25% free 0.50%
Shopify Plus 3.15% free 0.15%

* 1 Japanese online credit card fee

For more informationSHOPIFY official websiteYou can check it.

About functions for each plan

Introducing different functions for each plan.

Basic plan

You can use everything you need for EC operation, such as store functions, delivery settings, and payment processing.

  • Unlimited product number registration
  • 24 -hour support
  • Multiple sales channels
  • Up to 1000 inventory location
  • Manual order creation / coupon code
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Countermeasures against baskets
  • 2 staff accounts
  • Basic report

standard plan

In addition to the basic plan, the following functions are available.

  • 5 staff accounts
  • Professional report
    Since you can obtain order information according to time passing and product, you can make sales promotion measures based on the trends in product sales. In addition, it can be used for marketing according to customer purchasing trends, as the average number of customers ordered and new and repeater.

Premium plan

The following functions are available in addition to the standard plan.

  • Staff account for 15 people
  • Custom report builder
    You can customize the report to be displayed by selecting the narrowing function and display items.
  • Calculated delivery fee
    At the time of check -out, it is calculated based on the order contents and can be charged the customer for the amount charged by the delivery company. Automatic and accurate amounts are presented, so you can prevent customers' billing mistakes.
  • Calculation function of customs duties and import tax
    You can claim tariffs and import taxes from customers at check -out. It is automatically calculated by setting the location.

Shopify Plus

This is the highest plan of SHOPIFY. You can aim for further growth of the business with state -of -the -art functions.

  • Staff account unlimited
  • Up to 10 stores can be operated by one brand
  • B2B and wholesale store can be opened
  • Check out page customization is possible
  • Site speed is fast with a strong server
  • A dedicated support person
  • Automation tool can be used

For more informationHereIs explained in.

Choose a plan according to the necessary functions

Shopify offers plans according to the necessary functions. Plans and payment fees include running costs, so you need to choose according to the business phase.

GO RIDE Co., Ltd. has a record of building a SHOPIFY site with all plans. If you have a request such as "I want to hear more explanations than textbooks" or "I want to consult which plan is good", please do not hesitate to do it.HerePlease consult more.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

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