Style Master "Shige" Rides Pink Rabbit

Vissla "Shige Rides LBS Pink Rabitt" from Stoke House Unlimited Japan ON Vimeo. [FASHION] LB/S Tokyo collaborated with Blue Standard. Style Master SHIGE Is Chiba in summer? Rather than riding a cruise and action with a sloppy waves, it looks like the most comfortable while adding action while synchronizing with the waves. Just is everything ... I can't express it well in words, but I get on while synchronizing the waves ..... Looking at this video in Stephanie Gilmore's Costa Rica. Produced by Morgan Massen I will ride very stylishly, including single fins. Dear Sylvia, Love Steph. from MORGAN MAASSEN ON Vimeo. Surf Photographer Morgan Maassen Morgan Massen World Stephanie Gilmore Stylish Surf in Central America by Morgan Massen Too beautiful sea 100 photos Via the INERTIA


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