[Last episode] What is the natural feature on a Japanese EC site, what about SHOPIFY?

by Tomoe Onishi

For those who are considering EC site launch or renewal at SHOPIFY, the Domestic EC can implement common functions and answers "What is the natural feature on a Japanese EC site, what about SHOPIFY?" It will be the last round!

Since it is only a function that clients often ask questions, I hope that it will be helpful for introducing SHOPIFY.

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[1st] What is the natural feature on a Japanese EC site, what about SHOPIFY?

Functions explained

  • Specified delivery date
  • Sale price display
  • Time sale label
  • gift wrapping
  • Subscription (regular purchase)
  • Volume discounts

[2nd] What is the natural feature on a Japanese EC site, what about SHOPIFY?

Functions explained

  • Sales ranking
  • Review function
  • Chat bot
  • Reservation sales
  • Inventory interlocking with the store
  • Display of related products
  • save as bookmark
  • Restock notification

Can you set a complicated shipping fee?

The most popular shipping rule in Japanese EC isFree shipping by purchasing over the national shipping fee 〇〇 yen and 〇〇 yen or moreI think it is a rule.

At SHOPIFYPurchase amountorweightSince it is possible to set the shipping fee based on, such rules can be set.

So what if you want to provide an individual shipping on a large size or heavy product?

Again in this caseDelivery profile functionBy adding, you will be able to set the shipping fee for each product, and you can respond with the default function!

It is safe when you want to make multiple shipping groups depending on the product category and size.

Reference article
You can now set shipping costs for each product with the delivery profile!

Let's focus on the complex settings that are often seen by the store that handles food.

  • There are multiple temperature zones and the shipping cost is different for each temperature zone
  • Furthermore, the shipping fee is different for each region
  • If you purchase more than 〇〇 yen or more, you can buy one mouth free, 2 or more and 2 pieces free of charge.
  • Only one -piece shipping is applied for the bundled temperature zone
  • +〇〇 yen for Okinawa and remote islands

If you have such a complicated shipping rule, use the shipping setting app.

Among them, I recommend the ADVANCED SHIPPING RULES app.

Advanced Shipping Rules[Last episode] Let's localize SHOPIFY into Japanese EC!

You can also support all the rules above.
The language of the management screen is only in English, and there are many aspects of the SHOPIFY app that can be done because there are many things that can be done, but most of the worries about shipping settings can be handled by this app!

Can you respond to remote islands?

Unfortunately, at this time, Shopify's standard functions cannot set up only remote islands.

However, you can cover it with the Advanced Shipping Rules or Parcelify app.

[Last episode] Let's localize SHOPIFY into Japanese EC!

You can set a postage based on the postal code of the registered island you have registered, so if you want to set an individual shipping on the remote island, consider these applications.

Is it possible to set multiple delivery?

In Japan, there are many opportunities for customers in Japan to specify multiple delivery destinations in one order, such as mid -year -end gifts and internal celebrations.

Although it cannot be used by Shopify's default, it can be used with the app.

Multiple delivery destinations
[Last episode] Let's localize SHOPIFY into Japanese EC!

This is an app made in Japan, and you can specify the individual delivery date and time for each delivery destination!

If you want to be able to enter individual messages depending on the delivery destinationGift shipI also recommend the app.

However, it is not possible to change the contents of the ordered product depending on the delivery destination, so it is an application that can be used when you want to send the same product to multiple delivery destinations in one order.

It is a function that helps stores with high gift demand!

Is it possible to respond to gifts and noodles?

Regarding gifts, gifts and packaging are registered in the cart, and the method is not expanded in the cart's remarks column. (If you want to manage the inventory of packaging materials, here is better)

Use a product optional expansion app to make customers choose on the product page.

Infinite options
[Last episode] Let's localize SHOPIFY into Japanese EC!

You can also add a paid gift wrapping option, or you can register multiple titles such as celebration, inside celebration, and middle -aged by using a drop -down option.

I want to enhance the membership page!

Many Japanese ECs have a member page creation.

SHOPIFY's default membership page is simple, so I often hear voices that I want to be a little more fulfilling.
(You can also post information required for the SHOPIFY member page more than a minimum, and you can browse the delivery status).

From customer information such as name, telephone number, gender, birthday, delivery address (more than multiple registered edits) when you use FLITS apps, to any page, such as recently purchased products, favorite lists, point programs, and membership rules. Links can be set all at once.

The color can be changed from the theme customization of SHOPIFY, and you can customize the design with CSS.

[Last episode] Let's localize SHOPIFY into Japanese EC!

Although it is an overseas application, it has a translation function (and it can be easily edited from the SHOPIFY language setting instead of the app management screen).


What did you think? I would be grateful if it could be helpful in points that seemed to be a little doubtful.

In Shopify, the standard function does not mean that you can complete the specifications unique to Japan, but you can do most of the application introduction or development.

SHOPIFY, which is updated every day, can be said to be a store from a domestic customer perspective according to the times!


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